Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pin Cushions from Tuna Cans

For the Creative Craft Challenge this month, we are working with cans. Any cans that we can recycle into a crafty idea.

I wanted to make a pin cushion chair. Without a real plan in mind, other than covering the can and making sure it had a cushion, I dragged out fabrics, beads,

Styrofoam, quilt poly-fill, glues, scissors, and tape to start winging it together.

I cut open two tuna fish cans, but one so that the lid was still attached about an inch and a half.

Serving as the back rest of the chair, I reinforced the attached lid and can to the other can. It's stacked on with heavy duty duct tape. This tape would act as a hinge for the two cans.

Then after deciding what fabric to use, and what part of the printed design to be placed as the seat and the backrest, I cut the foam and filling to fit on the cans.

Just like upholstering a regular sized chair, but using tape and glue instead of staples and nails, I covered the tuna can lid front and back.

Then covered with more polyfill.

Then the fabric is attached with more tape and glue.

The cut styrofoam was covered in poly-fill , then the fabric, for the pin cushion seat.

I made piping for trim.

And glued the piping on the back rest and the seat.

Then I glued and wrapped the fabric around the cans.

I used hot glue to add the pleated skirt and trim to finish off the chair.

Finally, I glued on four large plastic beads for feet.

The top tuna can is the pin cushion and the bottom can is hidden pin storage.

I had so much fun and it was so easy that I made a few more pin cushions.

Like this little ottoman.
It has six metal beads for feet, printed burlap and rope trim.

Then I whipped up this country pin cushion from scrap denim jeans, an old fashioned red handkerchief, and tied on rope.

This western pin cushion is made with a leather belt, rawhide string tied on with a concho and denim to cover the cushion.

I enjoyed this craft. 

Have you made any can crafts? If so, we would love to have you link up this month!