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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Painted Red Chair

The best kind of makeover.
No repairs needed.
This old carved seat chair is a thrift store find.

Someone previously gave it this black and gold paint job. Revived Early American Colonial; 1970's style. 

So Bicentennial.

I remember that phase. Over stuffed sofas and chairs had upholstery of carved signs of 1776 printed on them. Curvy wood and lathe spindled accents on all furniture pieces. 

Now, back to the future:

I really wanted to paint this chair red and put it in the flower garden for a little country charm.

There's something about red accents outdoors... it's so attractive. Weathered wood and touches of red... flowers or shutters... a doesn't matter what the calling card is because red just goes totally eye candy. It's catchy. Ask anyone caught speeding with a red vehicle.

With that, I chose to use the color Devotion, by Country Chic Paint.

Sanding the chair lightly to smooth out the old rough paint was just enough. In case any of the old paint showed through, it would go well with the red and keep it rustic.

Those tree rings are way too cool! Can't get more wood authentic than that!

Anyway, one coat and a little while later, the bright red paint was breath of fresh air.

To tone it down and age the paint, I used dark antiquing wax. Getting the dark accent into the grooves just to make them stand out. Brush on, then rub in and wipe. 

The wax sealed the paint nicely and defined the lathed lines in the spindles. See the magic of dark wax? I love it. 

That cute little bugger looks pretty among the plants. 

I love red accent pieces. Wouldn't it be nice if an old barn and a vintage tractor was posing behind it?

Well, it's my backyard. Bummer.

Vintage and rustic enough to make a garden debut. 

Can I say that I just love this color?!?! It made this chair so cute while giving the pond garden a punch of color.

Oh happy summer days!

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