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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Peacock Stool - "Come On, Let Your Colors Burst"!

Hello Friends! Guess what? 
I am so excited I get to participate in the The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest this month with
"Come On, Let Your Colors Burst!" Everyone is spitting on their creations! Well, kinda... it's a term that is fondly used this month because...

this month’s Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT! A company that produces a colorful, non-toxic, (super safe) water-based gel stain that actually smells like jasmine. Can you believe it?!?! 

You can check out their videos and portfolio "here".  Then you'll get as excited as me! 

Let's take a look at what I got all colorful about. 

A thrift shop stool that I was doing all shabby chic but put it away. When I needed something to get colorful... this was the perfect victim. 

So it got a pretty Robin's egg blue color.  ;) 

And some leg tattooing... just kidding, the spit spots (splatter) isn't the design. Just part of it. You'll see in a minute. 

I taped off the seat to paint a plain white canvas. (Tape Tip Time: electrical tape does wonders on curved surfaces and doesn't peel your paint off.) 

Then my vision went onto the "canvas". With the tape still in place, I tried to create my inspiration from a peacock feather. Bursting with colors, I thought it suits the theme. Oh, and I love peacock feathers. 

Then removed the tape and applied a gorgeous royal blue around the rim of the seat. 

Finally feathered up the legs mixed with the spit spots. ;) 

And here we are. 

Me, hoping that you like my colorful contest creation.

So what do you think? 

I love the colors. (And I'm as proud as a peacock about it!)

Let's check out the rest of the contest:

Meet our lovely hosts!


You can see what the hosts "SPiT" on using Unicorn SPiT by visiting their blogs: 

EvelinEvey's Creations
Michelle Dandelion Patina 
Charlotte @ Ciburbanity  
CarrieThirty Eighth Street 

Our two guest hosts for this month's ‪#‎fabflippincontest‬ are Unicorn SPiT gurus! 
Check out Molly over at Vintage Rust and Courtney over at All Things New Again! Their SPiT work is ah-maaaazing!

The contest is open for our group of talented furniture flippers to add their Colors Burst projects throughout the month.  You will want to come back to visit to see what everyone created.  It's a ton of fun!

The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest is open only to the entrants who have signed up through the group Facebook page. If you are an active, furniture flippin' blogger, and you'd like to participate in future contests, we'd love to have you! Please contact Evey ( or Stacy ( to find out how!

If you want to follow along with our social media hashtags they are #FabFlippinContest ‪#‎unicornspitstains‬  and 
#julyfabflippincontest on Hometalk. Hope you are enjoying the fun! 

AND if you are interested in participating in the voting fun, YOU can!

Click HERE to go vote for your favorite colorful creation! Thank you!!!!! 


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