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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Antique Record Player Cabinet Redo

Phonograph. Gramophone. Record Player.
Antique piece of attitude.
Whatever it was is not anymore.
It was missing the bottom. Completely. No hinges either; so the lid was nailed into the top. Nailed. Really. You can't see it under the onion skin layers. But I found the nails.
No key for the lock. (That would be a luxury; wouldn't it?)
Not only was it painted this pink-red... it contained screws, nails, Christmas light bulbs and... spark plugs... along with a mini straight edge embedded in old dried up oil.
I don't know why.

When I found it on the curb and brought that orphan home, it was with best intentions. However, it was the rudest house guest I've ever had. It was like a stubborn child fighting a bath or getting tangled hair combed.

Each time I picked it up or worked on it, it fell apart or broke. Such temper tantrums. Seriously. And I had mine too. I was the nice guy, taking it in to take care of it, give it a good home and all it did was fight me.

(No bottom. Half of the frame was gone too.And, as I tilted it on its backside, the entire top fell off, with the lid attached.)

But I was determined to win the fight because when it came to putting "Icing on the Cake" for this month's theme at The Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest...

I couldn't be happier because I have been thinking of adding some frosting or sweet swirls on this beat up old record player cabinet.

And the sponsor is none other but the famous family owned  D. Lawless Hardware. It took me three days to sketch a design and make up my mind what gorgeous appliques to frost this feisty crumbly cake of mine. There were so many options. Once I decided, the appliques were at my door in no time. (A lot faster than my arguments with that stubborn cabinet carcass.)

(Ten wood appliques and two carvings were supplied by D. Lawless Hardware.)
First the foundation. In order to work on the cabinet, it had to be rebuilt from the bottom up.
That old treadle sewing machine cabinet parts pile of mine had the vintage wood and hinges that I needed. So I used the oak to trim the base. Then added wood for the shelf.

And because it was filled with dirty "wood grain look" contact paper... I removed all of it.

Once I rebuilt the base, I had to repair the top (the part under the lid that was nailed together) This kept the entire frame stable for sanding and redoing. So it was nailed, glued and clamped. Then putty filled and sanded down to the nice oak that sat there.

Then the lid.
It was a complete revival.
Peeling veneer; mixing stained wood putty and filling the cracks.
Top and underneath... then sanded some more.

It's my "Tool Tip Time"!!! Those sponge brushes... they make awesome little mini spatulas. A ruined sponge can be removed and those plastic flexible handled  things fill cracks like " putting buttah on a hot roll"!!! (Another free tool "recycle"!)

After sanding and staining the lid, it was time to "rebox" the top with reclaimed wood (to hide the hole from the gramophone "horn" that was once there)

Then I attached the lid with the reclaimed treadle sewing machine hinges that fit perfectly. Finally, I decoupaged the shelving throughout the cabinet with paper napkins.

Then it was on to removing veneer from those gorgeous curved Empire style doors. The last layer on the front and the backs were glued and clamped for repair.

Now for the piece de resistance! The Icing on the Cake!
Those wood appliques and carvings...
Glued on.
Painted. In a slight light gray.
And waxed.
First a pearl wax then antique dark wax.

The curves are accentuated. The carving is highlighted. The engraving is defined. Like a wedding cake... the entire piece is decorated with delicate beauty.

 "Lazy Linen" paint, "Antiquing Wax" and "Pearl Wax" are from Country Chic Paint. 

And the cabinet makes a great beverage center.

Or side server.

What really transformed the overall appearance is the appliques.
I love them.

It was a feisty fight. But we get along quite well now.

As I mentioned earlier, I entered my cabinet in the August 2015 Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest.

Each month the group of creative bloggers compete in this fun furniture makeover contest by incorporating a monthly assigned theme with sponsored products. 

The contest was launched by our two hosts: 

(Thank you to D. Lawless Hardware for your generosity in this month's contest and a huge thank you to our creative hostesses for putting so much work into these monthly contests!)


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