Monday, August 31, 2015

Easy Plate Pedestal

Do you have one of those outdated brass candle holders like I have here? 
I almost donated it to the thrift store because I disliked how it had to be cleaned all of the time. 
But it was pricey back when I bought it about 20 years ago.

So I thought I'd give it a chance by painting it. And, while I was at it, I added a plate to it for a larger holding surface. It was just one of those mix matched plates that would also end up tossed anyway.

I glued them together with a water proof epoxy glue and it became a nice little plate pedestal!

I will definitely put it to good use.

Plate pedestals are great as servers and displays.
They seem to really enjoy handing you chocolate...

And I like how it works for those bananas too.

What was almost tossed became new and functional, thanks to a plate.

Super easy and quick to make!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spooky Halloween Party Table Decor

Halloween is just around the corner and if you're planning a party... I've got some recycling ideas to make your serving table funny and spooky!

By using bottles, jars and cans, with glued on labels and other embellishments, you can make Halloween table decor much more fun!

Check this out:

Print labels
Trim them off
Glue them onto...

bottles, cans, jars, actually any kind of containers... even wooden fruit crates! Then decoupage over the labels.

... and embellish with beads, jewelry and other trimmings.

The results are dressed up Halloween servers!

These recycled bottles can used for punch, juice, cider, water or whatever your choice beverage is.

I used an old button and twine on the neck of this bottle.

An amethyst and leather bracelet along with a broken pendent decorated this one.

I used an outdated necklace and strung some beads on this bottle.

Here are my other spooky containers.

A can wrapped with the "Scarecrow Stuffings" label and twine glued on is awesome for pretzel rods, lolly pops, twizzlers, etc.

A painted peanut butter jar decorated with rope and an old clip on earring can hold m&ms, candy corn or other treats.

And a spice jar with a satin ribbon tied on can hold tiny candies... like cinnamon buttons.

This cut bottle has "Bat Wings" for a label. It could hold tortilla chips or jerky.
The olive jar is labeled with "Eye of Newt" and would be fun with chocolate chips in it.
And the salsa jar is recycled into a "Dried Rat Tails" container... maybe some small pretzel sticks would be funny!

There are so many different types of containers to use for decor too. You can try salad dressing bottles to make "potions"; ketchup and mustard containers, jam and jelly jars, coffee creamer bottles, and even wicker baskets to hold popcorn, etc.
The ideas are endless.

These bottles would look awesome with grape juice or red fruit punch in them.

This is so easy and fun that the whole family can get in on the crafting to decorate for your party. 

Beads, chains, strings, yarn, leather and much more can be used to decorate around the labels just by simply gluing them on.

I found my labels on Pinterest and I made a board of about 45 of them. If you want to grab these for yourself, here's the link --->  Halloween Labels.

I posted this early enough to get started before October in hopes to give you some ideas for decorating in plenty of time.

Have fun!!!!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Thrift Score Thursday in the Hudson Valley

I have another thrift score Thursday to share. 

This one was a family fun day in the Hudson Valley. One of the things I adore about the area is the history that lives deep in New York State. Landmarks, and characters like Ichabod Crane and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" intrigues me. But today was... flea markets. 

Flea markets and yard sales. 
And, it was a big disappointment. 

I was disappointed that we didn't take a truck. 
This wicker bomb shaped chest of drawers was in fairly good shape and only $10. 
Crazy wicked deal!!!!  
And we took a car.

There were a lot of interesting pieces in numerous tents that were in horrific shape and priced high.

The trouble with getting those pieces is:
1. Paying the price for them,
2. Adding the cost of repairing materials
3. Putting in lots of labor,
4. Then gambling on any profit,  if sold.
I passed on all of them.

I would have loved to work on this old cutie... but not for $50. Then adding (about) $50 of materials and then putting in hours of labor with the possibility of getting $50 for it...
is really sad.

But I had fun going through the scavenging hunt because you never know what you can find. Some of the tents were so full, that I couldn't see beyond the piles.

Some were easier to get through.
This vanity was worth buying.
But remember ... the car. Ugh.

A few tents had some furniture with workable financial margins... just barely.

Until I hit this tent...
I wished I brought a truck.

And a trailer.
The prices were fair with a good profit potential.

Next time, I'll know better.
I will.

But I did score in the yard sale!
This little leather top table did fit in the car.
Damaged. Primitive. My style and my kind of price.
Totally snagged it.

This old woven blanket also fit in the car. Excellent shape and cozy just right price.

I didn't get a lot of awesomeness this time, but it was fun.
After scavenging... we worked up an appetite and chose a fun lunch where root beer never tasted better.
A&W isn't close to home, so it was a treat to have freshly made root beer.

As we ventured on back home, we took in a few road side attractions. When we stopped at a farm market for peaches, we discovered this distillery behind the parking lot.

It was our first distillery visit ever.

As you entered, you still have that farm and barn feeling about the building.

I loved this "Strawberries" sign.
There were award winning bottles of spirits on display.

The bottles alone were quite attractive.

How do you think the pear got inside this bottle?

We didn't buy any, but thought it was so cool how bottles are held onto a branch to allow the pears to grow inside. That's something I'd like to try myself... maybe for one of my bottled olive oil recipes.

Stainless steel contraptions and lots of wooden barrels were stacked to the ceiling.

It reminded me of the rest of us who pressure cook food and put up canning jars, 
but this is on a monster scale; and different style. 

I was in love with this cash register.

The distillery was an interesting set up.
But back to the farm market...
we ended up with a nice supply of apples and peaches. And a few apple cider donuts, of course!

On the way home another farm made us come to a complete stop to get "just picked corn".
Let's just say we ended up with a lot more than was like a "one stop grocery shopping spot".
There is nothing wrong with supporting our local farmers. Nothing. Fresh food; good food; and no middleman price gouging. Natural goodness from good folks.
"No Farms No Food" starts here.

So back at home, I examined my two new treasures.
That little leather table...

of which, I'm determined to clean it up, repair it and keep it.

And that old woven blanket... I'm not sure yet. I'll research the value before deciding what do with it.

I do like the table. 
Arts and Crafts style but very primitive and unique. 

I'm investigating the best way to repair that tear. 

And making a note for next time...
a truck goes along. I promise!