Thursday, February 26, 2015

34 Pond Ideas and Inspirations

When Liz contacted me from Hometalk and asked if I would curate a board based on my backyard pond, I jumped at the opportunity. 

It's been such a long, cold winter and I can't wait to get outdoors in the Spring to work on my pond. Right now is a great time to look through Hometalk ideas to prepare for the fun summer months. 

I created this water feature and have changed it a few times since I originally built it. It's 10 feet wide at the front and narrows to the falls in the back. It's one foot deep around the edges and deepens to 2 feet in the center. I like the triangular shape of it and made it to join the patio. 

Here is the first year I completed it... or so I thought it was finished.

Most will tell you after constructing a water feature, they will change it until they are satisfied. Guilty of that, I am! 

(I am having trouble finding photos for a full view. I lost many on a broken laptop so you must look behind me here.) I had some super nice ones, even a blue heron visiting and eating my fish!

After redoing it, I decided to remove the plastic waterfalls... 

and make concrete and stone falls instead.

It's a very enjoyable back yard feature. Adding fish and watching nature surround it always captivates me. 

I'm currently considering a splash water pond in another area of the back yard. While doing so, I'm searching for ideas and compiled some on Hometalk. There is so much inspiration, that I'm tempted to do a few of them. The reality is I'll do only one more. So I'll choose my favorite parts and combine them to make my own.

Love this swimming pond! So reading through the post will aid my plans. 

The falls from this feature is beautifully done. A must do! 

Imagine combining both of those? Yes; that's what I'm thinking! 

My new pond ideas are coming from those posted at Hometalk. It's the largest social network geared specifically to home and garden topics - a great resource when you're searching for inspiration or seeking answers on how to tackle a project around your home. I have learned SO MUCH while searching the site for tips and tricks. 

If you're considering a water feature project, take a peek at my compiled board of inspiration (here). It's quite enticing with 34 wonderful projects! 

Hope you enjoy the views and let me know if you are doing one... or two! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Country Chic Paint Blogger Squad

I'm so excited  to announce that I've been selected to be among the 2015 Country Chic Paint Blogger Squad

Country Chic Paint is a chalk and mineral based paint that is specifically designed for DIYers with a love for refinishing furniture and home decor.

Here’s what make it so special:

  • No VOCs – no harmful solvents
  • Little to no prep
  • Easy to use
  • Dries super quickly
  • Pretty much odorless
  • Easy to distress
  • Available in any color  and custom colors 

Throughout the year Country Chic will provide the Squad with paint and supplies in exchange for reviews of their product. The sky is the limit with projects and creativity! We are all so happy to try it out and share what we learn along the way. Maybe even inspire YOU to be creative!

Don't think you can paint? Do you want to paint and don't know where to start? Guess what, there are fabulous tutorials available! To learn more about how to use Country Chic Paint simply  click here to sign up. The six part video tutorial is essentially a FREE paint workshop; it’s easy to follow and delivered to your inbox in six separate emails.  At the end you’ll get an offer for $10 off your first purchase.

The paints and products are so easy to use. Support is available. And as part of the Blogger Squad, we will be providing a whole lot of inspirational ideas along the way. 

As I'm working on a project this week, take a peek at what is being posted at the Inspiration page already! 

Soooo exciting; isn't it?! I hope you follow along with us and share your painted creations! Stay tuned for more! 

St. Patrick's Day Door Hanger - Wall Plaque

I picked up this cardboard Celtic Cross at the Dollar Tree Store. I thought it was very pretty but not hefty enough for the front door.

Since it's cardboard recycle and re-purposing month over at Creative Craft Challenge, I decided to use these Valentine hearts to create a large clover to add to the cross.

To cover the Valentines and make them green, I considered painting, or gluing some paper, or fabrics, ribbons; anything as long as it was green.  I remembered having some greenery stashed from Christmas decorating, so I grabbed them. Having the idea to cut the leaves and decoupage them onto the hearts, aha! Clovers are leaves and so are these! Perfect color and texture. Green floral tape was another idea, but I didn't have enough to cover all three hearts.

I found it was best to apply the glue right on the back of the leaves to adhere well.

To start the project, I cut the leaves into individual pieces and glued them onto the edge of the hearts. Overlapping to fold over the sides for good coverage. 

Once I covered the hearts with leaves, I painted on Mod Podge over the entire surface and the overlapped sides.

Once the leaves were dried on, I used the green floral tape to cover the sides of the hearts. It was best to start it with a staple to hold it in place.

Using glue and wrapping on the green tape,

it covered nicely.

Then I covered the tape wrapping with Mod Podge. 

After it dried, I super glued the points of the hearts together.

Then super glued the cross centered over the glued hearts.

My cordless drill was the perfect size and weight to hold the work together while it dried.

Then, I stapled on the ribbon, that was originally on the cross, to the top of the newly created clover.

The bottom of the cross is now the stem. A Shamrock is born!

A nice large Trinity decoration is made and it's as solid as a Blarney stone!

And, it fits the door window perfectly!

Between the one dollar for the cross and the items on hand, this door hanger cost was ...

only $1.00...!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Proudly sharing as Guest Post for Kenarry: Ideas for the Home.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party

Our+Favorite+things+Pinterest+Party 640

Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party {7} is Live!

And you have some great hosts:

Be sure to stop by and comment on their blog. Show them the love and they will do the same for you! Are you ready now for the party?! Before we get started, lets see who each of the Hosts chose as their Feature Pins from Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party {6}

 Denise Designed chose the DIY Two Tone Furniture Makeover.

  DIY two tone table makeover

Lou Lou Girls chose this Lily Bird Studio Camille PDF Dress Pattern.

  camille dress sewing patter

Redo It Yourself Inspirations chose this Reclaimed Wood Pallet Heart.

  reclaimed wood heart

Carissa Miss chose this Handwritten Free Calendar Printable.

  handwritten printable calendar 

 My Turn for Us chose the Charleston Red Rice Paella.

  charleston red rice paella 

 Crafty Allie chose the How to Make your own Twister Game.

  how to make your own twister game

Gina's Craft Corner chose this Disney Ribbon Tassel Keychain.


Purfylle chose the Super Easy Ribbon Valance.

  ribbon valance

View from the Fridge chose the Cucumber Mint Moscow Mule.

  cucumber mint moscow

Let's get this party started!

Thank you to all of you who partied with us last month.  It was such a great party with so many great pins that it was hard to choose our favorites.  But let's see who each of the hosts chose to feature. So how does this Pinterest Party Work?
  1. Follow each of your hosts on Pinterest.
  2. Link up 6 of your favorite pins.
  3. Re-pin at least the 6 pins before yours (but feel free to pin more).
  4. Not a requirement, but it would be great if you could pin the features as well.
  5. Each host will pin 25 of their favorites and will choose a favorite to feature in the following party.
Please note that...
  1. Pins must be linked to the Pinterest pin, not your blog.
  2. Those that are not linked to Pinterest will be deleted.
  3. Pins must be your own, not someone else's.
That's it! You can follow your hosts here: