Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Candle Sleeve from a Soda Bottle

The cheapest and easiest way to make candle sleeves to match your holiday napkins is to decoupage them onto plastic 2 liter bottles.

Simply cut out the middle section of the bottle. 

And then, cut your holiday printed napkin to fit the bottle section. 

Separate the printed layer from the plain layer of the napkin. 

Then decoupage on.

Allow it to dry. 

Insert a glass enclosed candle inside the sleeve.  

That's it! Very easy! 

(Of course we all know NOT to leave the candle unattended and always keep them away from children's and pet's reach.)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Pinbellish Pinning Celebration 13

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

You guys are all amazing! It was a great link up again last week and my favorites were difficult to choose. Take a look at five of them! 

by Sadie Seasongoods

by Live Randomly Simple

by Lilly's Home Designs

by Granny Fabulosa

by the Interior Frugalista 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happily Homemade and Handcrafted Party No.1

Every Wednesday 6 a.m. - Sunday 11:30 p.m.

Welcome to a new link up party!

Feel free to link up your posts (new or old ones). We love seeing what you've been up to! Share your crafts, recipes, DIY, and inspirations! We love to visit other parties and enter giveaways; so you can link those up too! 

Speaking of giveaways, I have a little one going on over "here". 

Since this is the first link up, there are no features this week. But it is the holiday season and hopefully you'll be sharing all of your wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas creations to feature next week.

Hope you're enjoying time with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Upcycled Photo Frame: Easy Keepsake Gift

This was a thrift shop find. A little pewter photo frame that really needed a makeover. I decided to turn it into a keepsake frame to display a ring that I wear often, but not every day. 

You can try this with any frame, any shape, and any color combination; but the steps will be the same.

First remove the glass from the picture frame.
Replace the back onto the frame and trace around the inside of the entire frame onto the cardboard.

This is going to show you where your filling for the cushion must stay.

Then glue on your cushion filling. I used quilting poly-fill. You can use cotton balls, batting, foam, or your choice of material to make a pillowed area inside the frame. Make it as thick as you like as long as it stays within your drawn space.

Using your choice of fabric, cut enough of it to cover all of your back board and filling.

Apply glue around the cardboard on your space allowed and attach the fabric by pressing it together. (I used hot glue. It's quick.)

Then trim off your excess fabric all around the edges of the backboard.

Then you should be able to put the frame back on.

I decided to use up some pearl beads from a broken necklace to decorate the frame. You can use rhinestones, buttons, odds and ends jewelry pieces, letter, numbers... anything that suits your style and frame. I used hot glue to attach the beads throughout the roses on this frame. You can use super glue, wood glue, or what have you to work with your frame material.

I chose a decorative beaded head straight pin with an added bead to use as a hook to hang things on. You can decorate your straight pin with any decor glued on to match your theme.

It's easy to move the pin as you need to for different items you wish to display. The frame is now very much like a pin cushion.

It adjusts easily for any thickness that you need. From thin rings to thick ones.

Here, I stuck a bunny brooch through the cushion. It's somewhat an art piece on its own.

You can also sew on a ribbon for tying items on. Maybe for baby's first haircut, rattle or first spoon? A special pendant, college piece of memorabilia or military pins? Larger frames could hold a collection of items like winning prized ribbons from sports, 4H showings or any other competitions. This could even be a Christmas ornament with a hanger attached. There are so many options.

I'm looking for small round and oval frames for the same purpose. Those shapes would be very attractive with this technique.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rustic Indian Corn Centerpiece

Getting the dining room ready for Thanksgiving this week, I decided to throw together a table centerpiece using some Indian corn. 

I love the warm colors of the corn and the striping in the husks. 

First, I cut the corn in halves with the band saw. 

Then grabbed a glass plate.

Washed the husks and cut off the curled ends to glue them onto the plate. 

I used hot glue. 

Then I grabbed a cut wine bottle from another project. 

And glued the cut corn halves onto the glass

I tied jute around the corn ring. 
Then added some cinnamon spice scented pine cones to border the corn with the husks.

With plenty of room, I can add a bouquet of fall mums or a candle. 

For Thanksgiving, I'm using this candle. 

Now we have a natural centerpiece to go with the rustic Thanksgiving theme this year. 

Other than buying the corn at the grocery store earlier this fall for decor, this centerpiece was practically free by using up things around the house. 

Pretty and natural! What's your theme this year?