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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Redoing a Vintage Sewing Cabinet

Now that the holidays are over, we are all back with sharing our regularly scheduled "Furniture Refresh"!

This month, we have a theme: "Spray Painting".
Perfect for this vintage sewing cabinet I found at a thrift shop!

If you follow me, you may remember my thrilling moment when I bought it. (posted here) Intending to give it a makeover, I wanted it to go from "vintage" to more of an "antique look".

The exterior is covered, or "upholstered", in fabric. I originally planned on removing the coverings and replace them with wood. After considering what it would entail by attaching pockets on the inside, I might as well build another one!

So, painting this one made sense.

I cleaned it up. Then spray painted it with a spray enamel paint.

It needed more than one coat.

So, before painting again, I added scrolled wood appliques in the corners and one in the top center on each exterior side. They are glued on, then I used small finishing nails to secure them further.

Once the appliques were in place, I finished spray painting the entire exterior.

While the cabinet was drying, I printed out antique sewing ads in 3" x 5" size onto iron on transfer paper.  (Using three graphics per large pocket on the inside of the cabinet.)

I handpainted the interior of the cabinet with chalk paint. Then, ironed on the graphics by placing the opened cabinet on the floor with hardcover books tucked inside the pockets for a hard surface.

 The paints were dry, the ironing was done... and this was a wrap!

I was going to add a graphic on each side of the exterior, but I ran out of time. When I do it, I'll just add a photo of it on this post. 

Now that the cabinet is finished, I can fill it up with all of my useful sewing notions. And "sew" on and "sew" forth... (wink!)

Although this is fabric covered, it does have a thick cardboard in between the inside and outside fabric pieces. It's quite sturdy. Now, the painted surface makes the cabinet easier to clean.

The appliques give it a whole new personality.

The faded look of the ironed on graphics makes the interior pockets appear aged. 

Overall, the goal of going from "vintage" to "antique" is accomplished.

Now, let's go on to the rest of the "Furniture Refresh" group!  I can't wait to see what has been created! Join me while I check out what pleasant surprises awaits us!

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