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Monday, January 6, 2014

Redo furniture: Nightstand to End Table Redo

Remember the Dresser to Media Center Redo last week? Here is the nightstand that came with the dresser.

A bedroom dresser and night stand are now reunited as living room media center and lamp table.

This smaller piece certainly was easier and quicker than the dresser. They make quite a difference in the room.

I decided to keep the hardware. I just needed to change out the color.

As was the dresser,  a drawer was stamped.

Veneered top; quite a mess.


Coincidence? This was stuck in the back of the drawer. Ironic my name is on the cover. 

Starting the sanding process with 60 grit and reducing as I went along, it was light on the top with an orbit sander. And with patience.  

Almost there! 

Now to sand down the drawers and exterior, not down to bare grain; just to get off any residues and left behind polishes.

Now to clean up to get ready to stain and paint! 

Using the same pecan rub in stain as the dresser, this went fast as it was only 1/4 of the size. 

Wood grains still peeked through. Nice! 

First coat of sprayed flat black enamel. 

Second coat. 

Drawers and second coat drying. 
The former brass knobs were painted flat black then rubbed on with copper metallic for heavy distressed highlights and some color. 

And the reveal! 

Ready for a lamp and some reading! 



  1. what an amazing before and after!

    you would never guess

    that something so chic

    could come from

    something so dated.

    would love for you to share

    at Fridays Unfolded this week!



  2. Thank you so much Alison! I'll be honored to share. See you there.