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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Liebster Award

Pay It Forward 

I 've been nominated for the Liebster Award by
 Sue of Housekaboodle, 
a Treasure Chest of Houses 
 (Thank you, Sue!)  I'd also like to especially thank all of those that support me most; my parents, husband, children, grandparents, my assistant, ... okay, I'm kiddingly taking this too far.   

Thanks to Sue , I have been given a Liebster Award.    I found her through our Meet The Neighbors Link Party on Friday’s and now I am a follower. 
You’ll love to follow Sue who blogs about houses.  She has admired many types of homes since childhood. Cozy cottages are at the top of her list; a list that also includes old Bungalows with wide porches. Among many of her posts, she displays the charm of Victorian homes with wrap around porches and gingerbread details.

Sue will give you splendid tours, browsing through numerous home styles, tours of celebrity homes, television and movie houses along with the unusual and extreme. Be sure to stop by and visit her world as she shares these and her stories.   

The Liebster Award nominates 11 blogs who have less than 200 Bloglovin readers.  I think we can use it here to include not just blogs on Bloglovin though.
The Liebster Award Bloggers answers 11 questions given to them by their nominator.  Then we pay it forward and each nominee does a post and nominates 11 bloggers with their own 11 questions.
This is definitely a lot of fun.  If I nominated you and you can’t reciprocate or have done this one before, please don’t be concerned.  I love to spotlight other bloggers and this is a nice way to show my appreciation.

I was given 11 Liebster Award questions to answer:

1. Coffee or Tea? 
    Coffee. Dark roast with French Vanilla Creamer.
2. Work at home dress for success in high heels and pearls or sweats?
   Jeans and flip flops. Sometimes barefoot. 

Selling a house and working out the contract while building a cobblestone patio in the back yard.  Don't do as I do, but as I say. Wear protective foot gear while working with patio brick.  Pockets filled with drill bits and screws are not safe either.

3. Favorite kitchen gadget and why.
Heavy duty manual can opener from Pampered Chef. It locks in place while cutting and is easy to clean.  
4. Favorite kitchen small appliance and why.
My counter-top broiler oven is my favorite. When heating or cooking frozen one dish meals, the microwave is not an option. I prefer to broil or roast. Instead of using the large ovens, I'll use this little guy. Great for fishsticks, mozzie rolls, etc. 

Pretty Handy Dandy right there! 

5. Do you have a hot area in the house where everything seems to land like mail, lists, pens, hats, purses?
Yes. The dining room table. Everyone just tosses whatever on the hot spot as they get home and then grabs them back the next morning on the way out the door.
6. What is on your honey do list waiting to get done?
That is a mighty long list. Renovating the house and working on projects is a never ending journey. The house: One bedroom, 2 and half baths and laundry are the major renovations right now. Outdoors: a natural splash pond with waterfalls for people, not for fish and frogs like my garden pond. Around the house: furniture makeovers. Garage: revamping the workshop room. 
7. Favorite movie/movies of all time?
I'm not much of a movie person these days. There are some I enjoyed: NationalTreasure,  Braveheart, Die Hard,  and similar. 
8. What TV show/shows are on your must-see list?
The weather news. I don't really watch TV anymore. When I did, it was mostly HGTV craft shows in the late 90's. "Design on a Dime" was a favorite. I will sit with my son and watch some his favorites, "The Middle" and "Drake and Josh". 
9. If you were given an unlimited amount of money, what big-ticket item would you buy for your home?
I'd replace the roof and re-side the house with all stone. I started the front entrance myself. I'd contract the whole thing out with that offer! 

Before. Rotted porch and fence. 
Overgrown Rhododendron against house. 

After. Poured concrete patio entrance with 
matching step. (Plant relocated, saved) A small water
feature added into the patio. Real stone wall.  Door replaced.

10. What is your favorite store to shop for decor?
Hobby Lobby! 
11. You just won the lotto, congratulations.  What kind of house will you go buy and where will it be?
A custom lodge style. It would be located privately on a waterfront. All glass facing the water view. 

Next season on the blog I want to do an Academy Award Blogscar Award Ceremony for bloggers with different categories, so stay tuned.
In no particular order, my Nominees for the Liebster Awards goes to…..
11.  The Painted Chest

Nominees, here are your 11 pressing questions to answer so we can get to know you better.
1. Coffee or Tea?
2. Favorite piece of furniture in your home and why?
3. Favorite season and why?
4. Favorite kind of kitchen?

5. What is the most treasured item you have and why?
6. What is on your "to do list" waiting to get done?
7. Favorite home style?
8. Who are you the biggest fan of?
9. If you were given the "mad money", what one big-ticket item would you buy for your home?
10. What is your favorite store to shop for decor?
11. If you won the lotto what you do with the winnings?

Nominees:  Be sure to tag each of the bloggers you nominate as well as me in your post.  Go to each of their blogs and leave a comment that you have nominated them.

I am so excited to see your responses.  I may share some of your responses with my readers.  This was so much fun to do!
If any of my readers who are not bloggers would like to share any answers, please feel free to chime in on the Comments below. I’d love to hear from you.
Have a great creative day!


  1. You are so interesting. The broiler idea is genius by the way. Not to mention what you have done to the exterior of your home, just stunning. I also like to go to Hobby Lobby.

  2. Your description to sum me up is so kind, Sue :) I'm so weird, my father has defined me as a rare breed. It's actually a compliment coming from a foundation to roof carpenter and master cabinet maker. Perhaps another tid-bit about me is that I always wanted to work with my dad in his construction business, but he wouldn't allow me to be in an all male setting. It was a protection decision. He respected me and I respected his decision. He will be the first to teach me anything. Even painting.

    I chose flat rocks to side the entrance and it was a tedious and learning experience. The triangular one at the base near the step was a challenge for me. Thus, only the front is done so far. I do want to do the whole house in stone with Timber accents. I may need you to label my home when I create the final tour. It's not a cape, it's not a basic two story but it is an old two story added onto with cathedral ceiling rooms. Tearing down a few walls and rebuilding where it was feasible has turned this place into a strange category.

    Hobby Lobby has the most intriguing home accents and craft supplies with consistent sales. My favorite place to shop when I can.

    Thank you for nominating me and giving me the chance at a very fun and personalized way to connect with others.