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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Favorite Color Swap

It's time for the Favorite Color Swap!
Goodies in your favorite hue.

Favorite Color Swap

It's time to sign up for another fun swap with Chaotic Goddess Swaps

In this swap round,  we are swapping things that include our partner's favorite color. Basically you send 5 or more items to your swap partner in their favorite color and receive 5 or more items in your favorite color.   Mine is turquoise or aquamarine. 

It sounds like a lot fun, right? 

All detailed information
 regarding the sign up, rules and how to participate  is posted at Chaotic Goddess Swaps.   Maybe we will be partnered up!   I'm a great gift giver!  Below are the important dates to remember regarding the swap.

The Swap Objective

Fill a package with at least 5 goodies for your partner that you, yourself, would love to receive.  The package must include items in your partner's favorite color!  

Dates to Remember:

  • Sign-Ups Start:  Monday, April 14th at 12AM
  • Sign-Ups End: Monday, April 21st at 12AM
  • First Post MUST be Posted by: Tuesday, April 22nd at 12AM
  • Partners assigned: Wednesday, April 23rd
  • Packages Shipped: Friday, May 9th & Saturday May 10th
  • Show-Off Linky Opens: Wednesday, May 14th
  • Show-Off Linky Closes: Friday, May 30th

 I can't wait to  see who my partner is! There's still time to sign up, so go ahead and venture on over to Chaotic Goddess Swaps!

Join in the on the fun! 

April 23, 2014

My SWAP partner news: 

It's time to introduce you to your Favorite Color Swap Partner! 

Your Partner:
Ok, it's time now to meet your partner--are you as excited as we are? I've listed both of your information below. Make sure you reach out to each other to talk and get to know each other, as well as follow each other's blogs and social media!  This allows you to make a new friend and to send a great personalized package.

Name: Kathleen Clegg
Favorite Color: Pink

YAY for me!!!!  I get to shop for PINK!  I already follow Kathleen, so that was great news.  But now, I need to stalk her... in a good way. 


April 30, 2014

I had some very enjoyable visits through Kathleen's blog(s) and posts over the last couple of weeks.  I even visited her husband's blog to read more about her.  She is a very interesting lady.  A wife, mother and grandmother, who has lived in China and traveled quite a bit. I was able to travel the world with her, meet her family, see all of her works and posts.  I really enjoyed her crafts. 

After heavily stalking Kathleen, I spent a couple of days meandering around a few stores to choose some surprises for her. I was able to get the package shipped out April 29th.  This was a fun experience. Having a home of just males for 30+ years, even male dogs, it was nice to surround myself in some shades of pink for a change. I didn't know there were so many pinks!  A color I don't even have much of myself.  I think I have just a hairbrush in a bright pink right now. Occasionally I'll buy a pink toothbrush.  

I chose a mix of personal items and crafty things for Kathleen that she could add her special touches to.  Some practical and some fun stuff.  It's off to her in the mail and I hope she enjoys the box of goodies.


May 6, 2014 Update

It's time for the Favorite Color Swap REVEAL!

Goodies in my favorite hue:

~ Turquoise

I received my turquoise package from my SWAP partner, Kathleen! 

Kathleen enclosed a beautiful note card along with her Crafty Business Card!  So cute! On the front it has a pair of scissors illustrated and it states "i make stuff".   Unique! 

Now you must see what she made for me!  This beautiful infinity scarf is patched in blues and turquoise. She sewn it together, choosing just the right colors.  And there is this super pretty hanging wooden flower, (Isn't it summery? Love it!)  What do you think of this cute little mason jar filled with peanut brittle?  Check out the cloth topper she added to it. At first glance I thought she hand painted it, but the fabric was printed that way. Clever touch, I thought! 

The rest of the package included two fun spools of ribbon and two packages of  buttons that will definitely be used for something crafty sometime soon!  Ha! Three sturdy wooden handled silicone spatulas! Note my use of the word "sturdy". These spatulas won't flop when you scrape with them; they are thick!  Now my favorite part of the entire package... the lovely leatherette covered journal.  Beee-u-tee-ful!!!  And be still my heart... two large dark chocolate bars.  So perfect to go with my coffee.  

My package was filled with "AWESOME"! 

When I received Kathleen's package of goodies it felt like it was a Christmas  exchange.  It was so exciting! 

If you would like to see what I sent Kathleen, you can visit her Color Swap post here.   I'm looking forward to all of the SWAP posts coming up May 14th with  Chaotic Goddess Swaps.

****Kathleen, thanks so much again for the great surprises and being my partner.  I truly loved your package and can't wait to put everything to good use. ****  

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  1. Yay- thanks for joining us for this swap! :)

  2. I have been contacted with the news that I've been paired up and now the fun really begins!

  3. It's a great idea that's loaded with excitement! Thanks, Beth!

  4. I'm so glad you liked everything. It was so much fun to pick stuff out for you and it was great to "meet' you too.

  5. Wow- I love that scarf, and handmade peanut brittle- I'm jealous! :D What a fantastic, crafty package she sent you. Kathleen rocks!

  6. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for being such a great partner, Kathleen!

  7. Isn't it beautiful? The peanut brittle was delicious and quite addicting. I was very lucky to have a great partner. I hope you have the same opportunity at a Chaotic Goddess Swap.

  8. Buttons a journal, ribbons and scarf! What a great variety of items and in a wonderful color!

  9. That whole package is GORGEOUS! I love it! Thanks for joining us!

  10. Gorgeous color! And putting everything to use is fun :)

  11. This was so much fun! Thanks for hosting the Swap :)