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Thursday, June 18, 2015

40 Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Kids and Tweens

When Hometalk contacted me about my post on my son's bedroom makeover and the light up headboard, they asked if I could curate a kids room board. My response was, "oh, yes, I can!"

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of fun ideas to make kids' and tweens' rooms more exciting. So much, that when the ideal board should contain 20; I came up with 40... just on Hometalk! More could very easily be added. So many creative rooms have been posted. 

(Click on photo for link to each Hometalk's "how to" for each feature.)

Let's take a look at some of the headboards. 

How about some clever bunking! 

And some decor ideas!


Accent walls can totally make a room.

Storage and display ideas can go wild.

As you can see, space can be decorated, painted, utilized, streamlined, personalized and themed. Every kid's room for any personality can be created for fun and fabulous!

I had fun putting this collaboration together and hope there is plenty of inspiration to get you motivated. So much potential for rooms large or small, the possibilities are endless!

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