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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Paint Brush Holder: Recycled Paper Rolls

It's paper roll crafts this month over at Creative Craft Challenge. 

I seriously had nothing. While in full outdoor and furniture upcycle/repurpose season, crafts really are not on my mind right now. But while cleaning and using all of my paint brushes on projects... it hit me. I'm cleaning and organizing too; the fine art brushes should be organized as well. They are all shoved in one can. Not exactly functional. I fumble through them for the right brush. 

With an organizer idea in mind, I put my supplies together to make it work. 

Paper towel rolls, bathroom tissue rolls, gift wrap rolls
glue sticks (those wonderful school types);
the other glue sticks with the glue gun;
a plastic coffee container lid;
decorative paper;
rubber band;
and determination to make it work. 

I cut the decorative paper to fit each random cut roll. (They would be cut to size later.)

Then used the school glue stick to apply the paper to the rolls.

Put them into a rubber band to organize the height. Short to tall. 

After being happy with trimming the height to suit various brushes, I hot glued them onto the plastic lid.

Excuse the mess, but the glue strings were cut off once they were cooled.

Wrapped and tied with twine for decor...  and for more support if needed; it looked pretty organized!

From short brushes in the front ...

to tall brushes in the back.

 So organized.

Flats, rounds, and specialty brushes are separated.

Easy to find.

Much better than one coffee can and searching for the right brush.

I'm beside myself getting these brushes set up for easier use. Why didn't I do this earlier?
Now this has me motivated to do a lot more organizing!

What would you do with paper rolls?

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