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Monday, December 7, 2015

Dollar Store Holiday Bouquet: Great Gift Idea

NOT a sponsored post.

The most thrilling dollar store days are during the Christmas season. Wrapping paper and gift bags galore! The gift boxes can be super pretty. There are packages of decorative gift bag tissue available too. Oh, and matching holiday tablecloths, napkins and cups (great for school parties)! Why pay $5-$10 each for wrapping supplies when you can be creative for less?

One of my favorites has been the velvet gift boxes. I have used bunches of them for gift cards, ornaments, and small gifts. But I saved one to decorate at home.

The other gift boxes work nicely too. I stopped today and snapped this photo while getting wrapping paper.

Anyhow; for this totally inexpensive Christmas bouquet, you'll need a gift box and craft foam. Both available at the dollar store. 

So far, it's just $2.

Then snag up two bunches of dollar store pointsettias. I chose the red velvet coated kind to go with my gift box. 

Cut the foam to fit your box. Glue the base of the foam to the inside base of the box.

Cut the flowers individually with a stem long enough to stick into the foam. (There are wire cutters available at the dollar store floral area too.)

Arrange the flowers the way you like it. Insert other "picks or sprigs" if you want to. I did. I had three picks left over from other holiday crafts. (Berries and glitter balls.)

(So far, it's just $4.)

And that's it! So easy that the kids can do this for teacher gifts!!!! Let them make some of their own! 

It could become a home decor piece the teacher likes a lot!

This simple bouquet idea has so many holiday options... white pointsettias... pine cone sprigs... just berries... get creative and make your own style!

To buy similar, even at inexpensive department stores, could be about $10-$15 and your child can give it as a gift for about $4. 

Go ahead and stick a floral greeting pick in it! How sweet is that!?!

It takes very little time. 

And very little cost. 

But I warn you... you may want to keep one yourself! 

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