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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Best DIY Projects of 2015

2015 was my second year of blogging and it certainly was so much fun. I've learned an incredible amount of blogging information, gained two giant handfuls of wonderful friends, and remained passionate about creating.

As I join our host, Rhoda of Southern Hospitality and numerous others, we're sharing our best with you.  Closing out 2015 brings goals for the new year while we're reflecting on the past. 

It's clear that being diverse can have some advantages. I've considered and hesitated to change my blog from it's current style to something more popularly structured. But, it's simply not an option. Knowing I'd find myself steering back into my own direction, I'll just maintain what I do best. And that is... little bit of everything. "Jane of all trades; master of none." All of it, on a shoestring budget.

Strolling through 2015, it's evident my work variety broadly contrasts between furniture, crafts, and decorating while focused on whole lot of upcycling. Some of it was challenging but most of the balance was quite easy. That's what I wish to continue to do while entertaining my readers. When you can exhibit inexpensive and simple projects for anyone to try, it's quite rewarding.

These project highlights are based on a few handpicked favorites, a couple of blog features, and other reader favorites. Since you follow me, this may be a fun review. If you're visiting for the first time from Rhoda's link up, I'm happy to introduce you to:  

My little home and garden DIY place. 

This laminate dresser mirror was transformed into a large restaurant chalkboard. It's proof that laminate can be painted beautifully.

A trash to southwestern treasure chair started out rather creepy.

My son's toy guitar grew up with him... Americana style. Using music sheets with burned edges, decoupage, and paint; it's more of a "tween" theme now.

Recycled cans, belts, and a cutting board became a handy tool caddy. 


A sweater, suede jacket, and a furry vest were reused as pillow covers.

A thrift shop lazy susan was upcycled with paper napkins.

This curbed for trash chair ended up winning the November Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest! That was very exciting!

An antique cabinet was rescued from the side of the road and weather.

Here's another plain thrift shop find that gained a new personality. This piano bench became very colorful.

A broken chair I named "Florence" also came from the side of the road.

It was fun faking a fake antique chair.

Recycled tuna cans became handy as an "upholstered chair" pin cushion.

This rag ruffle pillow cover was easy to make. 

From thrift shop vintage to a touch of red... I gained a garden chair

These projects were exciting transformations. Most of which... were trash. It shows that renewing old and discarded items is a good possibility. 

Whether you're just visiting or still following along with me, I thank you so much for your support. I love hearing about your projects and any input you have to share. I'm looking forward to 2016, with hopes of good health, lots of friendly exchanges and more successful creating!  

Wishing you the very best during the New Year! ~ Robin

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