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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Plain Chair Pair into French Flair

This month's Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest is so much fun!!! 

The theme is "Mix and Match". Sooooo, I was really excited to take a pair of plain old seatless chairs from a yard sale and mix them up with a "French Flair"!  

The chairs had some issues to fix before transforming them. No seats. No problem. Loose joints and a screw showing on an attempted repair. AND apparently the initials carved in one of the backrests indicated that A.L.III was there at one point. 

So after wood putty filling and gluing; then cleaning and sanding, I was ready to create. I applied wood appliques to the top of the backrests. I wanted to attach a cushion to the backrest, so before painting, I made a pattern to cut my wood and foam. Then, I painted the chairs. 

I purchased my wood appliques from D. Lawless Hardware.

For my project, I needed foam for my seats and backrest cushions. I was kindly supplied with enough "Project Foam" to complete them.

(Disclosure: Project Foam was supplied by Fairfield World for the use of my project and my post opinions are my own.)

I cut plywood for the seat bases and added the foam. I cut luan from the pattern I created and made the backrest cushions. Then covered the foam with linen and stapled it to underneath, followed by the fabric I chose. A black and white toile. 

I sewed a double welt and attached it with the upholstery before attaching the seats and backrest cushions.

Now that the hard parts were done, I glazed the appliques in a dark graphite to finish the chairs.

Now a pair of old traditional and plain dining chairs are mixed up with a delicate French touch!

So, back to the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest. 


This month's theme is Mix and Match" and March participants were challenged to create a project using supplies sponsored and supplied by Fairfield World.

This contest is sponsored by Fairfield World; a third generation, family-owned business specializing in battingfoampillow insertsinterfacing and so much more.  Perfect for creating custom pillows and upholstery projects! Not only does Fairfield have an amazing selection of supplies, but offer tutorials and a gallery of inspirational projects.

The contest hosts are Evey at Evey's Creations and Stacy at Anastasia Vintage


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