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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Farm Style Cutting Board Holder

It's time for another DIY Blogger Project Challenge!
Each month we have a different project to create based on a named material theme. This month it's chalkboard paint!

Today I'm sharing another repurposed thrift shop find. Remember those vintage wooden paper plate holders? I snagged one! It reminds me of a breadboard, so I thought it could be converted into a cutting board holder. Something I need to keep my breadboards and cutting boards from slipping on the counter top. 

There were 2 problems with it.

1: The fact it was round and if I wanted to use it on the counter, it would roll from side to side.  To stabilize it, a piece of wood could hold it upright. And that's where my chalkboard theme comes in. I chose to use a wood farm animal shape as a chalkboard; mounted onto the front of the holder.

2. There were two dowels in the way of putting bread boards and cutting boards into the holder. So I cut them off with a coping saw.

While the front was still open, I drilled holes to attach my pig chalkboard when it was finished.

To make the pig chalkboard, I reclaimed some wood from my scrap box and drew the pig outline with chalk.

See that... a chalk board!
Ok, I'm joking!

It was the best way to see my overall pig shape before cutting it out with the scroll saw. It's forgiving this way. Easy to draw and erase with a towel to get it just right.

Once I cut it out, I sanded it and painted it with the chalkboard paint.

Of course, a pig must have a cute little curly tail. So, I drilled a hole for the tail.
Then, using a wire clothing hanger, I snipped off a piece of it and twisted it with two pairs of pliers.
To attach it, I dropped super glue into the drilled hole and placed the curly tail into it.
After the glue set, I painted the wire tail.
Finally, attached the chalkboard onto the plate holder with screws... well, board holder now. And sanded the edges of the pig all the way around for a nice old distressed look.

Because I left the original drilled holes for hanging, the board holder can be wall mounted.

Or, the way I prefer, sitting on the table or countertop.

It has plenty of room to fit all of my boards. 

And because it has no height or width restriction, any size board can slide in place.

As a chalkboard... kitchen reminders can be written on it. After all, some things are too important to forget!

What is nice about the original back on this is... it looks like another breadboard. It just blends right in. 

vintage paper plate holder

I'm already glad this is keeping my boards in place and wonder why I never thought of it before!

If you like farmhouse style, this is a pretty handy "two-in-one" kitchen gadget!

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