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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Country Living Fair 2016

The Fair season is in full tilt!
It was absolutely perfect weather for a Fair the past couple of days. The Country Living Fair is nestled in the Hudson Valley right now and it's chock full of amazing finds, ideas, and talent!

Be still my heart. 
Farm ART! 

I love the bandana decor theme. And along the vending booths are some real show stoppers!

OH EM GEE! A leather upholstered carriage bench!!!

Great ideas and crafting supplies.

Repurposed doors, windows and other architectural creations.
And, too many booths of amazing work to get all gah-gah about.
Wagner is there with spray painting demos and tryouts. (Loved the color this lady chose.)

Hundreds of booths and tons of country living eye candy!

And more  WOW!

Gah! Look at this display creation in red! Super creative isn't it? The museum and some antique vendors stopped me in my tracks too often to count.

Check out the wooden bicycle.

Painted furniture... everywhere.

This old wooden truck was being worked on in a garage area behind the museum. 

Just around the corner, the blacksmith guide was very knowledgeable. We gained some tips and news about some upcoming events.  (Yes, he is cropped out. Someone else did not want his photo included, so this is what I can show. But, I can relate, I'm not photogenic either.)

From the outside of the booths, it looks lightly populated.

But I can tell you... it's standing room only IN the booths!
I could hardly get photos done.

Catching live cooking shows is fun and full of personality! The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh and Brent were fantastic with tips about cooking with fennel yesterday.

Oh, and the food of course, was delicious everywhere. We really enjoyed the London Broil sandwiches. The Lime Fizz was very refreshing. I'm going to make some myself at home. It's a nice break from lemonaid.

Special home goods like pickles and sauces were also very yummy. We just HAD to bring some home.

Happy to report... I already put this Hot Raspberry Chili syrup on greek yogurt this morning. Oh man, what a breakfast treat that was!

Mama didn't get a new pair of shoes, but sure did become a fashion statement with some new summer attire... like this lacy cowgirl top and light sweater. Top Shelf Jewelry makes everyone feel special with their linen bags to take your new treasures home. Check out the sweet key charm bracelets the clerk gave me! Too sweet!

You can spend each day and not see everything. If you're like me, you take your time scoping out all that you adore and the day is already over. I've got lots more photos but the post is long enough.

We left before dinner time to hit up some of our usual favorites in the Hudson Valley. Farm stands and other flea markets were still open. So off we went.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed your visit with me to the Country Living Fair. The big Dutchess County Fair will be coming up later this summer, so we'll stop over again. Hope you'll join me!

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