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Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Tray

It's time for another DIY Blogger Project Challenge!
After a few months off, we are back! Each month we create a different project based on a named material theme. This month, it's reclaimed wood. 

Having a long island in my kitchen, I thought how sweet it would be to have a pedestal tray... or tray table. It's a very simple project. And with a decreasing pile of pine from an old bookshelf in my stash, I snagged a 10"x 24" board to reclaim and got started.

I added two wrought iron drawer pulls and four ready made 6" legs as the main supplies. 
Not much to it!

I stained the legs. 
(Tip: Dip small legs like this into the can of stain and wipe off excess. It's super fast and doesn't miss any crevices.)

After the stain dried, I attached the legs through the top of the board with 3" wood screws. (It's rustic; I wasn't concerned with screw heads and the pine board was already stained.)

The long screws will ensure that the legs won't wobble. 

Then, I measured and marked where to drill holes for the drawer pulls (as tray handles). 

I attached the handles by screwing them from under the board. 

After the tray was put together, I distressed the entire tray by sanding high areas. Then, rubbed coconut oil into the wood. 

It doesn't get any easier than that, does it?!? It was like building from a kit! 

It blends in well on the farmhouse style island. 

It can be used as decor, 

an elevated food server, 

or as a carry tray.

I may even take it into the living room and use it as a lap tray on the sofa! 

Plenty of room for a tablet and a... snack! Cute bed tray too. 

It's a very simple and quick project. 

And, using reclaimed wood for something so functional is quite satisfying! 

Let's check out the reclaimed wood projects from the rest of the group! The upcycling options are endless!

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