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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No Tie Laces

Ooooh, look at what I discovered! No-Tie elastic laces!!! 
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My son is participating in sports and his sneaker laces are always coming untied. It can be concerning when he's doing his best moves and has loose laces. We've tried several tricks to keep them tight. BUT, when I saw these HICKIES, I was all over them. They are the responsive lacing system designed for the active lifestyle.

HICKIES responsive lacing system is made from a memory-fit elastomer that moves with your feet while providing the comfort and stability to keep you one step ahead. Whether you want to streamline your sneakers or give your workout an extra boost, HICKIES lacing system offers an unbeatable combination of fit, function, and fashion.

It's the perfect solution for, not just sports, but for regular walking shoes and even boots!  

Sometimes, sneakers don't become untied, you know, just slip off the sneakers and when you go to put them on again, you have to untie them to put them on. Well, these stretch and allow the feet to slide out, and slip the sneakers back on again. 

  • One size fits all, in the kids' selection or the adults' sizes. 
  • Variety of colors. (mix them for fun or get the mixed color package)
  • Various lacing instructions (to adjust the fit or to be creative)
  • Comes in a package of 14 units.
  • Works with any footwear with eyelets.

I wish I had these when my sons were toddlers for their forever frozen snow boot laces. They would have loved the camo, because they were little "soldiers" at play. 

Great colors to choose from!

Hickies make great gifts and makes life need to ever tie your shoelaces again! They are a big hit with fitness enthusiasts, kids, elderly, and anyone who doesn't love tying laces. 

As an affiliate, I'm offering a special code for a 20% discount. 

Get 20% off your Hickies order by using SHAREHICKIES coupon code at checkout! Feel free to share this with family and friends. They are going to make great stocking stuffers! Plus, there's a  BUY 3, GET 1 FREE offer right now! Check out Hickies Here.

That's not all, subscribe for the latest HICKIES news and share how you wear yours with #LifeWithoutLaces on your social media using your personal link. You'll earn $5 when someone buys HICKIES

I've noticed since we got ours, new colors and combinations have become available. I'm kicking myself for not getting the silver and gold metallics last month. I hope they become available again. You can bet we'll be watching and buying more!  

We took advantage of the buy 3 get 1, and there's enough for 5 pairs of our sneakers! 😊 

What colors would you get?  

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