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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Seasonal Scents Comfort the Home

(This post is sponsored by Chesapeake Bay Candle®. All opinions of the products and how I used them as “comfort for the home” are my own. You can read my disclosure here.)
 If there is one thing that rejuvenates the soul, it's aroma. Attractive scents can either calm you or energize you. I recently posted how autumn traditions bring comfort with favorite baking scents such as apples and pumpkins flowing from the kitchen throughout the home. 

Sometimes there just isn't time in a busy schedule to bake that favorite pumpkin recipe. All that is desired at the end of a busy day is the comfort of home. A cozy atmosphere can be transformed into any room with a soothing scent. 

I love using apple and cinnamon mixed fragrances in the kitchen all throughout the year. But, during autumn and the holidays, pumpkin is my favorite.  It gives a warm feeling after coming inside from the crispy outdoors. 

The Heritage Collection - Fall and Holiday Edition from Chesapeake Bay Candle® embraces autumn with this Pumpkin Latte candle. It smells delicious with the hint of maple and brown sugar which is a perfect addition for some sweetness in the kitchen. 

Vanilla Biscotti is another soothing scent with a touch of toasted almonds that I chose to use in the bathroom. Guests will appreciate it as much as I do because it's not overbearing while giving an inviting atmosphere. 

The simple design of the jar is suitable for any room and the wooden top easily blends into the decor. 

I have never smelled the scent of Firewood Fig before this collection. I fell in love with it. Making it my favorite of all that I've tried. It has a light wood fragrance with an attitude of sophistication. It creates a pleasant greeting for the foyer. 

And again, the jar compliments the decor of the space. When decorating a room, the scent completes the entire ambience. 

Of course, Fall leads to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Holiday Edition Votive Set is only $15 which makes it great for sampling... or giving. Each votive has an 8 hour burning time. The set consists of Snow by the Shore, Cinnamon Spice and Balsam Fir. Holidays are in the air as you mix these scents with cozy furniture and warm blankets. 

My mother's favorite candle scent of all time is balsam fir. This one is for her. I think she'll like this particular scent over any others that she has tried. 

Cinnamon Spice always makes a Christmas statement. Walking into stores while holiday shopping, you are most likely going to find some pine cones in a netted bag scented with cinnamon. 

This candle is perched on my fireplace mantle with an array of pine cones and nuts. The cinnamon scent has me thinking about starting my shopping list while taking in the aroma. 

Although Snow by the Shore is in the Holiday collection ... I like it so much that I could use it all year long. It's my favorite of the three. It's so fresh! With a floral sensation, it has a perky aroma. Perfect to work with while keeping happy spirits flowing. 

(Nobody needs to know that I'm burning a holiday scent in the spring and summer.  Right?) 

Using scented candles blended with natural essential oils embraces a mood while pleasant fragrances lightly linger throughout the space. Aromatherapy is good for the soul. Good for the home. Simply put: It's home comfort. 

Do you use candles? What are your favorite scents? Feel free to explore Chesapeake Bay Candle®  to discover more about the Heritage Collection. All candles are made with a natural soy wax blend and feature self-trimming wicks. There may be some nature inspired fragrances you'd like to try. There are so many to choose from. Be sure to follow on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for news and announcements. 

I've partnered with Chesapeake Bay Candle® and SheSavvy to bring you this sponsored post with my unbiased opinions

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