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Monday, December 30, 2013

How to make a Custom Range Hood

When gutting the kitchen and installing cabinets, our selection didn't include a range hood that I wished for. I also wanted a through the wall fan vent vs a over head filter fan. After finding some scrap oak cabinets and trim that matched, I used a 2 door cabinet front to build the front of the hood. 

To start the custom build in, I boxed a frame for the bottom of the hood with scrap oak boards. Then did the same for the top; flush with the cabinets on each side.  After measuring and cutting down the cabinet front and doors, I attached the doors to the cabinet frame. The top of the front was attached to the front box frame and the bottom attached to the back of the box frame. Once the front was secured to the top and bottom frames, I measured and cut to fill  in the sides with more scrap oak boards. 

To trim off the hood, scrap oak molding was used along with embossed molding. When the cabinets are painted all white in the future, this feature will be quite attractive. 

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