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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Repurposed Watches and Clocks

Here are some genius ideas from used watches and clocks.   I have tossed out many dead watches and never considered any other purpose for them. Perhaps they deserve a second life with many possibilities. 

Sculptured Art:
This beautiful work is by local artist, Robert Laper.  I appreciate how he incorporated a clock within the piece, and yet, a pocketwatch as part of the sculpture.
 Piece is titled ~ "2:17" By Robert Laper

An art collage created from a pocket watch 
by Anne Arden McDonald:

 by Anne Arden McDonald

Victorian style wrist watch creations 
 by Jeffrey Thomas: 

 watch watches picture pictures victorian old antique not working
by Jeffrey Scott Thomas

Upcycled "NOW" watch/picture frame 
by Emily Grace King: 
by Emily Grace King

After reading these blogs, the idea of using wall and mantle clocks crossed my mind. 
Just imagine these types of clocks turned into photo frames.  
For the musician? 
Round is pleasantly different.
For the camp with a photo of the Big Buck Hunt?
Old Photos? 

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