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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Day at Home with Quickies

All snowed in on this Valentines Day and nothing better to do, why not fit in a few quickies!  
Paint brush and screwdriver in hands can send the mind in a whirl wind... oh yah, baby, what can I do now?  
Looking around the house...for a few ideas... rockin' the tools...  

Remember my living room posts all coming together with all that black jazz schnazz?  It makes this bad boy look lonely and sad, so I decided to let him join the party. 

This is a Mexican Pine table that was in the raw when I bought it way back. All I did was poly coat it.  I love the rusty hinges and doo dad accents. I can't part with this guy. And he holds a lot of storage.

Some black glaze... Brush on
...wipe off. Just like the ad.  You can sing it while you do it.  Go ahead, rock it~

... looking all like caught on fire and put out. That's what I was after. 

Oh yah,  that's what I'm talking about. Getting all that distinguished looking on me. 

Yah, I'm eyeing you.  
Making sure all of those cracks and dings got a kiss of paint too. 

A quick coat of lacquer and we are done.  BAYUM!

Sitting there all... all good looking. 

How about another? Remember the hanging pots and pans rack that I upcycled and used those white glass shades? Ah-hah! I'll do some more shades!

Recap: Thrift shop find. I needed those globes.

Not the color I needed. Whipped up some wood stain with a little red food color and poly... and whipped it good! Go ahead, sing it to DEVO~ 

A couple of coats waiting for that amber color... 

And wha-la~  

Well let's get this one done too! 

Oh yes, all warmed up. 

Look up there. I can't leave this one out! 

Over the top, 
Why not? 

Want one more? Yah, me too. 

Many of us have these  boring TV tray tables.  Well mine is naked. 

Just a cover up the top, spray the bottom.

A good coat of wipe on quick dry water base stain. And BAM!
Got dressed real quick. 

Actually that was the first one before the storm yesterday.

Colorful is better. All cozy feelin' 

Ready for that romantic snowed in dinner.

No fuss and no mess!

So joking! Pork tenderloin will be served at the kitchen table. ;)  

Snow is blowing around and drifting up against the sliding glass door today.
(It finally stopped snowing. )

Have a great Valentines Day~

(Psst some sweet somethin' in your ear... the door is a Craigslist find that I refinished and my Dad hung it.
Saved about $900 on this sexy thang.)

Party Time

What? You gotta go? I'm so happy you stopped by! Say "see ya later" and give me a hug first!  I'll just squeeze ya back! 


  1. Stephanie @Cat Lady RunsFebruary 15, 2014 at 8:35 AM

    I am so impressed at your craftiness- you remind me of my friend Evyan who is always DIYing and making her home awesome too!

  2. ARod@MakinMyAptaHomeFebruary 15, 2014 at 2:53 PM

    omg girl your onnnnnnnnnn fire lol gotta love those day's love how everything turned out Happy Valentine's day

  3. That coffee table is soooo much better!! I need to be more crafty like this!

  4. Love what you did with the door!

  5. Isn't that door fabulous? There were actually two of them on the same sale post. This one, and a rectangular leaded frame in a light oak color. I chose this one because of the arched top. But it was too dark in color and so I refinished it to match the door and window trim. It was new too! A $1300 door for $200 WOW-ZERS! I was all over that. My dad brought the hinges and I bought the door knob and lock set at Lowes. He hung it for me and bayum! :)

  6. Thank you, Marcie! It's my favorite Craigslist find.

  7. lol, I have a lot of these quickie days and it's my kind of work out without a gym :D

  8. Thank you Stephanie! It never ends and it's kind of like Forest Gump's quote: ..." like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get". :)

  9. Denine Anderson-ReganFebruary 16, 2014 at 3:52 PM

    My son is sick right now and I keep staring at the naked tray table that I brought up from the basement so he could keep his drinks close by. It would be so much better dressed! ;)

  10. Yes! And you can dress it up just for him! You could decoupage it with his favorite things. (i.e. Spiderman comics, Lego Characters, etc.) From magazines, posters, Or let him paint on it and preserve it with a clear coat.

    I hope he feels better soon!

  11. Thank you! It did look so plain, and now with the aged look, it appears more classy.

  12. Okay I thought the table was gorgeous, but then I just kept reading and they are all uh-may-zing!!! I so need to find a beautiful door like that!

  13. Great IDEAS!!! I love how that trunk turned out! I'm pinning this one to our talent board at DIY Sunday Showcase! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Wow, Robin! You are one talented lady. Love this post and seeing what you accomplished around your home. Love the rustic table and those warmed up lamps and light fixtures. So much inspiration here. And that front door? What a find! I'm so glad you visited my blog and became a follower. I'm doing the same, and happy I did. I'll be snooping around to see what else you've been up to. Have a great day! ~ Nancy

  15. Aww, thank you, Nancy! I have a lot more coming up before spring and summer when the outdoor things begin again. It's never boring around here. Loved visiting you and so glad you came by to see me too. Have a great week and see you soon! :)