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Monday, September 8, 2014

Ways to Fake Leather

If you follow me you may remember my post regarding end tables with faux leather using brown craft paper. 

Basically for this project I used homemade mod podge solution and brown craft paper.  (Brown paper bags work too.)

I tore the paper up into various rips and sizes. 

Then crumpled up the pieces for wrinkles. 

The more wrinkled the better. 

Then used the glue solution painted on the surface to apply the paper to. 

By dipping the pieces of paper into the solution and squeezing them out  before smoothing them out on the surface made it go on very easy. (I used my fingers)

It looked like this: 

When dried, I applied stain with a rag. 

Then clear coated the surface with lacquer for protection (table tops ... a MUST do in case of spills and easy clean up)

And the results are antiqued decoupaged leather! 

There are so many ways to fake leather!  Seriously. Using ordinary resources, the results can be amazing! 

You may think, "Oh really?"... my response... "Yes, really!"

How about using paints, a sponge and rag to create leather walls? Or maybe painted and stained embossed wall paper to create the tooled leather look?  Like tooled leather? Try wood icing with stencils, paints and stains on furniture, canvas and fabrics. 

And, check this out... leather? No. It's polymer clay!  
Polymer Clay Faux Leather Tags Tutorial
Leather look tags at Polymerclayweb 

I get so excited over the unique ways faux leather can be achieved and I reap in the ideas.  My favorite place to manage those creations is on HomeTalk.  I just put an idea board together, "11 Ways to Fake Leather". You can see it and follow those clever ideas on the link below.  You can also share your own projects and ask any "how to" questions on the HomeTalk Community.  I love HomeTalk. It's all about sharing home and garden tips with pinning links to follow. I'm all over it everyday. 

You can find the "how to" links of these projects on my board at HomeTalk. 

When you do your own, share it!  I'll pin ya! 

faux leather coffee table, painted furniture
Painted wall paper, posted by Alicia Wilkerson on HomeTalk. 

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