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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome to #SoMe2 - Week #53

Come join the Social Media Link Party!!!

Welcome to #SoMe2 - Week #53

SOcial MEdia is all about ENGAGEMENT, and we want to do more than find new followers, we want to grow our engagement! The more we comment, like, and share each other's posts, the more engaged we become and that makes the SOcial MEdia "algorithms" happy!

 Each week we will link a different Social Media platform and post from that platform.
This week we are growing and engaging with Instagram!
 If you want to GROW your SOcial MEdia channels and GROW your engagement,
This is the party for you!  

The more you put in to this SOcial MEdia link party, the more you will get out!
Don't link and run - share-comment-pin-like and tell your friends!

#SoMe2 is a SOcial MEdia link party where we link up 2 items every Tuesday @ 7:00pm EST!

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We are pleased to introduce our #SoMe2 featured blogger of the week...

Robin has shared this with us:

Hello friends! I'm Robin, "Redo It".

Wife, mom of three sons, and one dog, and 3 goldfish. I'm down to earth country. Lover of horses, western and farm life, history, arts and crafts, landscaping, gourmet cooking and, of course, a die hard DIYer. My workshop life completes me. I love creating.

Sometimes things will become created out of need. You find yourself in situations that an item, a room or an outdoor space is screaming for an inexpensive improvement. In these circumstances you reach out for ideas and solutions. The possibilities can be endless and rewarding. I usually achieve this by recycling everyday household items into re-purposed functions, restoring projects and much more. Showing you how is my purpose.

Follow along with me while we explore home improvement, crafts, gardening and repurposing at Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Thanks, Robin!

Would you like to be a #SoMe2 featured blogger?
Everyone who enters the Rafflecopter below each week will have a chance to win a spot as our featured blogger. We will feature your blog, and links to your social media. Your links will be inserted into the Rafflecopter for that week - gaining you more followers.

So be sure to enter to win the weekly featured blogger spot!

Note: Please be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter form accurately. Entries are verified.

The rules are simple!
  1. Please follow your hostesses and featured blogger.
  2. Please add the #SoMe2 button (found at the bottom of the post) to your sidebar or link page.
  3. Tweet about the party! More partiers = More followers! All you have to do is click the "tweet" button!  
  4. Use our hashtag #SoMe2 when tagging or posting so we can find each other!
You will automatically be entered into our email reminder list by entering a link. You may remove yourself from the list by using the un-subscribe option.


1) Link up your main Instagram Page 
2) Follow your Hostesses and Featured Blogger
3) Follow 2 people before your link, if you already follow them,
find 2 new people to follow


1) Link up 1 recent Instagram Post
(Go to your Instagram page, click on your profile, click on view profile, select a post, copy the Instagram url, and paste that URL into link party.)
2) Like and comment on your hostesses and featured blogger's Instagram links.
3) Like and comment on at least the 2 links in front of yours. This way everyone will get Instagram Love! One of hostesses will make sure the last two links get comments.

Thanks for joining our SOcial MEdia link party!
See you next week – same time, same place!

DeDe,  Kim,  Sarah V.,  Sarah C.,  & Susan

Grab button for ~SoMe2~
<div class="SoMe2-button" style="width: 150px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="http://www.enjoytheviewblog.com/search/label/some2" rel="nofollow">
<img src="http://i59.tinypic.com/oazomb.jpg" alt="SoMe2" width="150" height="150" /> </a> </div>

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