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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Five: Fabulous Furniture Features No. 5

Welcome to week five in the series:

This is where I share my five favorites that I discovered during the week. 

Have your drool napkin ready. 

In no particular order because they are each, just too splendid, please enjoy these fabulous works. 


By Danielle at 
The Newest of Old

Danielle explains how painting Gaston was necessary due to repairs. To accentuate those carvings, I agree with her. This buffet turned out beautiful. Be sure to check out other gorgeous work at The Newest of Old.

Turquoise Dresser Featuring the Sea at Dusk

by Dionne at 

The Turquoise Iris ~ Vintage Modern Home

Furniture itself can be an art. But when you add art to furniture, you have a masterpiece. The colors and the painting on this dresser just mesmerizes me. (And look at that textured painted wall!) Dionne posted this art piece and more over at The Turquoise Iris

Country Design Home 
Antique Table Clock and Books Staged PM

Antique Table Top Dressed

Antique Table fixating pineapple finial to post

Susan added more than paint to this accent table. Color, stain, distress and a ... curtain rod piece for a finial!  So clever and so perfect!  She posted the entire tutorial and many other inspirations at The Country Design Home

How To Remove Veneer (Buffet Transformation!)

by Beth & Nick at 
Sawdust & Embryos 

A damaged beauty is restored by Beth and Nick. You wouldn't believe the original condition this buffet was in when they got it. You must see this and more at Sawdust & Embryos

Armoire {Painted Furniture} Makeover

by Janis at 

What a grand armoire! Janis used layering paints and glaze to achieve this beautiful finish. I just stop and stare. It's one of my favorites at All Things Beautiful

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These fabulous pieces of furniture are very inspiring. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Currently working on a blog makeover, but don't think that applies! All house (ahem, apartment) upgrades are on hold until warm weather! And that turquoise dresser is amazing, although would stand out in my apartment :)


  2. I think I could easily find a spot for it :)
    Thanks for visiting these amazing pieces, Farin! Have a great weekend~