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Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five: Fabulous Furniture Features No. 15

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I'm showing off something different this time. 

It's all about headboards. 

Headboard redo, repurposed from or into one.



This entire bed takes my breath away.  Gorgeous, isn't enough of an adjective. I can't fathom the painstaking work put into it. I would have it in museum bedroom if I could. You can see more of this Baroque fabulousness at Stiltskin Studios

You're welcome. 

Upcycled FREE Room Divider becomes a King Size Headboard

Undivided attention.

A repurposed room divider made this bed and room complete. Have you ever? Genius! Love how the entire room gained its character based on this massive headboard. Complete tutorial and details are posted at Pretty Handy Girl. Check out the other amazing ideas. 

A Little French Room

by Kristen at 


This bed reminds me of storybooks. So much sweetness comes from this bed that it grows throughout the whole room. That headboard has got to be one of the most amazing in twin size I've ever seen. You have to see the settee that Kristen paired it with posted at Sophia's.  Definitely dreamy.


Country Chic.

A headboard repurposed into a bench is quite common. But to radiate beauty with rustic is a pure country chic style. This bench situated on the porch must be the main focus of the street. I know if I traveled by, I'd want to stop by and visit it. Laurie has more lovelies posted Vin'yet Etc.  Enjoy the tour! I did. 

Fallen Settee


Okay, this is not a headboard, but reminded me of one. This is a repurposed sette backrest. So stunning, that I would want to hang it to be seen constantly... like a restaurant "specials" board. Yes, that's where it should be. Too amazing not to show off. You aren't going to believe where the sad settee came from... and how much it cost. The big score is posted at Twin Oaks Studio where you can go all gah gah over more! 

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I'm truly inspired by these fabulous pieces.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

If you pin your favorites, please be sure you do so from the creator's post, so they can appreciate you in return.  :) 


  1. These are all beautiful. But I have to say the headboard by Stiltskin Studio is absolutely stunning!

  2. you sure did pick out the most beautiful things my word loved them all xx

  3. Marie@The Interior FrugalistaJanuary 24, 2015 at 6:41 PM

    Oh wow Robin, these are all stunning!

  4. I love the idea of turning a headboard into a settee, I've had plans for ever to do that with my 4 poster, but of course only when it gets replaced one day.

  5. Isn't it?! It is my absolute favorite carved piece ever. It's filled with overflowing details. Stunning, yes!

  6. So glad you like them, Chris! Incredible pieces and work, aren't they?! I couldn't stop admiring while posting. Thank you for visiting them :)

  7. They are more than inspirations, aren't they? So dreamy. (sigh) Wish I had them.

  8. Headboards do make the nicest settees/benches. Maybe you can be lucky to find a headboard to use instead. It would be hard for me to use a 4 poster because I love them. (I don't have any because our rooms are too small.)