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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Framed Natural Tree Roots

This month during the Creative Craft Challenge we are working with natural elements such as twigs, stones, shells... anything nature made. It gave me the opportunity to make twig wall art that I've been wanting to do but put it off. 

The frame I used is a framed thrift shop print that we didn't have hung up anymore. So after removing the print from the front, 

I removed the cardboard backing too so that the frame would remain open to expose the wall behind it.

Then went into the woods to the fallen and uprooted trees to grab some of the roots and branches. I wasn't sure what I would use, so I grabbed plenty and different kinds.

After going through the pile for the right ones, I placed them where I would trim them off and glue them permanently.

 I cleaned off the frame and spray painted it to make it new again before trimming the roots in and securing them with hot glue.

The roots appear as winter trees.

I like 3D art and this suits me just fine.

The curly and winding roots are much more interesting than regular twigs and branches.

Have you made twig art before?

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