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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Southwestern Leather Belt Table

This Mersman end table sat at the side of the road.
Perfect victim for a makeover.
Those legs and simple design spoke to me in southwest.

First things first... remove the panels. One side missing a drawer meant revamping the table.

Unfortunately it took a bit of work to do just that because it had to be taken apart.

After disassembling the entire table, I cut down each side panel so that they matched the missing drawer side.

Then put the table back together with glue and screws.

I used a piece of scrap bead-board paneling to replace the top.

Then sanded the entire table to prepare for painting.

Painting upside down and from the inside out,

in one coat of the pretty turquoise blue shade "Bliss" by Country Chic Paint, it covered beautifully. I used the dry brush technique on the top frame for a rustic look.

dry brush the table top frame

It was a great opportunity to grab some belts from my stash to cover the bead board.

 After choosing the right belts and a pattern, I cut and glued the belts onto the board.

Then I used Country Chic Paint dark antiquing wax, brushed onto all of the painted surfaces, including the dry brushed frame. It brought out all of the lines and details of the wood work.

The table has the rustic southwestern makeover I was after.

 And it goes with the southwestern chair I previously refinished.

The recycled belts gives it a unique look.

I love finding junked stuff and giving it all new character.

Replacing table tops can get really creative. I even considered a painting inserted into the frame. And also thought about Spanish tiles. Then considered sliced log wood. So many options! But I went with a favorite... belts.


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