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Monday, July 6, 2015

Yard Sales and Junk Yards

It's great when your husband shares the same interests. He needed to find something at a salvage yard and I went along for the ride...
... because you never know what I'll end up with. ( huge smile )

Or him.
Look at what he found! This manual fire extinguisher. Manufactured from the Underwriters Laboratories in Ohio.
I plan on cleaning it and hanging it on the outside of his garage when I redo it.
It'll be a nice nostalgic touch.
(Now if I can find a cool old gas pump to go with it and his cars.)

I found this mechanic's oil can and funnel. Again, really cool garage decor, isn't it?   After all, he has a few classic muscle cars he is itching to finish.

And that freezer bin makes a nice organizing bin... something his garage always needs. If I get enough of them and paint them all the same color, they would be awesome on a shelving unit.

Then, we stopped at a yard sale... the awesome kind with vintage and old junk.

I saw an oval cast iron griddle with a handle right off the bat and I went right for it. I picked up that 70's New York license plate during the stroll over.

Ironically we had power failures over the weekend and instead of making toast and coffee the regular way at home, I toasted bread on a griddle and perked coffee.
I told my husband it's the best tasting coffee ever and if I wasn't in such a hurry for drinking it in the morning, I'd always make it that way.  My parents used to all of the time. Especially when we went camping as a family. They also made toast on a little gadget that held four slices of bread over a burner ...

whoa... on one of those right there!

This yard sale had lots of interesting things.

I loved this old typewriter and the one next to it was on an old typewriter stand. (I had one of those years ago but tossed it as old fashioned when I got my first computer and opted for a wood desk.)

Crates of awesomeness were everywhere.

 And others contained great subjects for repurposing ideas.
(Sports themed room?)

I got a kick out of this iron crib. It's certainly outlawed for baby use these days.

The wooden ironing boards brought back memories of my first one ( Mine was a hand me down with cotton batting and 3 layers of old fabric on it.)

I loved how this one had a hot plate on it for old heated irons.

I wandered around taking everything in...

windows, shutters and fences... OH MY!!!

This old fire hazard can be repurposed. Those milk glass shades are sweet!

Here's an old push mower that probably still makes that whisk-whisk noise if it was sharpened, oiled and cleaned.

I gathered a few pieces for projects and we headed over to my favorite junk yard. The owner has a heart of gold. He has stories that keeps you there along with all of the treasures. The one that has things reserved for me. Today it was leather horse collars... among other things.

Like this bench and tractor seat. He's cleaned out a lot since my last visit and put these aside.

Canning jar heaven. I took a few last time in a gorgeous big old galvanized tub. Those big square ones make nice canisters for rice and pastas.

A horse cart... but I have other wheels for it. These wheels are perfect for the 1901 Horseless cart frame I bought last fall. Obviously I'll replace some of the wood, but so glad to see some of the original paint job so I can keep it that way.

And there are these awesome lights on this old fire truck piece. Replacing them with electric lights for lamps are on my idea list. I did get some vintage motorcycle lights and plates shoved into a galvanized bucket last time. (Can you see why I love this place?)

This 55 Chevy hood. With hinges, mounted on the wall and shelving behind it, this can make a great storage unit while sporting the vintage garage theme. ( a sucker for vintage and classics, the ideas are flying around ) Oh my, the color with rust looks amazing the way it is, but I will enhance it.

You've got to check this out!
If I was allowed to have these big boys... I'd probably play in them like an overgrown kid. I love this box truck. It's in great shape! Can you imagine turning it into an awesome hot dog vending truck? If I did; it would have a red, white and blue paint job. The base in this color blue and the vintage lettering in red with white border. 

Something like that. I dream big, don't I?

I love his old dump truck too.
Oh look, an old steering wheel!!! Mount that decor and hang some hand wiping rags on it, I think!

This big red excites me.
Those side vent windows... that horn on the roof, the curved windshield... and check out the door handle! I'm thinking of ways to preserve it.


After settling up, we went on our merry way to yet another yard sale.

An old bed frame. I'm fond of four poster beds myself and find this one kind of creepy. I don't care for sleigh beds either.  These big over bearing and dark types just scream "huge coffins" to me. Especially before nursing home days and many laid in them to pass on. (shiver)
Unless they are painted cheery and happy, I'll pass!

It was mostly overpriced broken antique furniture and some missing parts at this yard sale. We passed on everything but a whiskey crate (which is broken as well), a framed mirror that didn't sell with it's dresser and a wooden picture frame.

What managed to find it's way home during today's little haul from two junk yards and two yard sales is...

a framed mirror (not photographed yet), a whiskey crate, horse collars, antique wood picture frame, a skeleton key, cast iron griddle, a wooden pulley, license plates and door knobs.
The reserved items will come home next time.

The old 1960 license plate is junk, but it's really cool decor. I can remove some of the surface rust. The knobs are junk, but the glass set is in very good condition. I'll turn the whole lot of them into hangers/hooks or maybe large drawer knobs.

I have to go back for the rest... with a trailer...

and looking forward to it with excitement! ( also knowing something else very awesome could come in!)


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