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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Decoupage Thanksgiving Basket

I've been on a basket kick.

They are wonderful for organizing and placing on open shelves. My last trip to the thrift shop was in search for a few to use in the laundry cabinet. I found a couple; plus a bonus basket. One that I can decorate for Thanksgiving. So I stopped and picked up some paper Thanksgiving napkins too.

Of course it was with the intention of decoupage.

It's so easy. And it dries quickly.

I washed the basket with hot water and soap. While it was still wet, I cut up the parts of the napkins I wanted and decoupaged the pieces onto the basket. Just around the sides, leaving the top and bottom as wicker for bordering.

After it dried, I clear coated the entire basket; inside, outside and over the decoupage.
The shiny basket looked new; and better with a rustic appearance.

The clear coat took a bit longer to dry.

The basket is perfect for dinner rolls.

It's going be nice touch during Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm going to do another one for the Christmas dinner table.

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