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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Easy Knock Off Stockings

The holiday crafting season is getting started! I'm so excited about putting together some Thanksgiving and Christmas projects over the next couple of weeks.

Like these adorable stockings that are hung up in the pages of Arhaus and Pottery Barn catalogs.


Pottery Barn
My kind of inspiration!

I love cozy faux furs, sweaters and flannels during the winter months and that's what makes those stockings so attractive.

Snagging up a few thrift shop pieces: a fur coat, a plaid shirt, a sweater left over from another project, and a furry vest, there was enough material to make a few knock offs!

Faux fur coat; with awesome big buttons that I can use glued on as knob hardware for another project.

Men's Extra Large plaid shirt. And I used white faux fur from an old stocking.

Cable knit sweater that I used for another project, but there was some left over to do one stocking.

Faux fur and sweater vest. 
The first thing I did was make a stocking pattern.
I used a plastic place-mat that was part of our summer patio dining.
(They were sun-faded. And they were cheap. A package of 4 for about $2)
Psst: They make great cabinet shelf liners too.

So I traced the pattern onto each of my recycled fabrics and cut them out.

It was super easy stitching to make the stockings.
Just sew the seams together.
Then I added fur trim around the tops of the plaid and sweater stockings.
Finally, added simple strips into loops for hanging them.

The sweater stocking is my favorite.

So far I've made three knock offs. With enough material left, I'll make a few more and add them here when I'm finished. 

I have some Thanksgiving projects going, so I'll get back to these later.

I'm glad I got to make these.
Are you making any stockings this year?

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