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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Easy DIY Werewolf Costume

So the youngest, a tween, gave up Halloween last year. Too babyish for him, he said.
We ended up staying home and enjoying treats.

We thought it would be the same again this year.

That was until he decided to go with a friend.

The decision was made this week.

"Really? This late in the Halloween shopping season? The supplies have been in all of the stores since August and NOW you decide to go? When everything is sold out? "


Luckily there was a werewolf mask he liked. (He had one in his closet already. But this one was way more scarier and cooler.)

Of course we needed to put the rest of the costume together. So we went to a thrift shop for a men's size flannel shirt to shred up.

For furry hands, we snagged a pair of my old knit gloves.

Then sacrificed his old werewolf mask just to use the furry hair.
It was a bit smaller, but there was enough material to use.

Fortunately, the fur color matched up to the new hairy mask.

I shredded up the shirt in various places.

Then glued and sewed pieces of the fur from the old mask into the shredded areas. 

And onto the tops of the gloves. 

It was done in a couple of hours. 

And he loved it.

I like the back bulges.

He liked all of it.

So much, that he howled and danced around the front yard.


"Dude... get a grip!"

"You're hairy and scary! We get it!"

Saving Halloween?

I think I pulled it off. 

I know I'm not the only one who goes through this.

"Zombied" the photo by using PicMonkey.

What was your last minute costume?

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