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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Easy DIY Dress Form Pin Cushion

Here's another thrift shop makeover!  I think a mini mannequin makes a perfect pin cushion due to its theme for sewing. Don't you think so too?  I bought this dress shaped jewelry hanger from a thrift store, specifically, to change it into a pincushion.

Everything I needed was pretty much "on hand" at home. All that I had to buy was the jewelry tree and the steel scrubbing pads.

Spray paint
Stainless steel scrubbing pads
Plain paper for drawing a pattern
Scrap fabric
Iron on transfer paper
Hot glue sticks
Fabric trim
1 wooden screw head cover

First, I cut off the sides (or arms) of the jewelry tree with cutting pliers and spray painted the frame.

Once the paint was dry, I stuffed the inside of it with stainless steel scrubbing pads (to keep pins sharp).

Then I traced around the frame to make a pattern for the dress form look. I also found a cute sewing themed image on Pinterest to print onto iron on transfer paper to sew onto the front.

After I ironed the image on, I cut it out of the fabric, stuffed it slightly with a little bit of polyfill, and sewed it onto the front body piece.

Once I sewed the dress form pieces together, I pulled it all the way down onto the jewelry hanger and stuffed it with polyfill between the frame and the fabric.

The neck (top) of the fabric was shoved inwards at the top of the frame. Then I glued on a wooden screw head cap to cover the opening.

After pulling the fabric all the way down the frame, I glued the fabric onto the metal frame and trimmed it, using hot glue.

Now that the dress form was done, I could finish stuffing the pin cushion at the bottom. I added another stainless steel scrubbing pad, more polyfill, and sealed it with a piece of cardboard.

This dress form pin cushion is about 14" tall and 8" around in circumference. Large enough to hold a lot pins and sewing notions for busy sewing projects.

The sewing notions in the transfer image are so fitting. 

With plenty of padding inside of the fabric, the shape was easy to achieve. Similar to stuffing an animal toy. 

The back isn't stuffed quite as much between the frame and the fabric, but pins are still able to stick through it. 

The bottom of the dress form has enough space for storing scissors and pencils. 

Keeping a measuring tape handy is easy by simply draping it around the form.

This was a fun project with pretty good results! 

This is how the idea started. 

Now, it's a really handy sewing notion that looks so cute... to me anyway. 

I just might make another... with a wooden base. Maybe two more... this is becoming a bit of an obsession. I'm starting to envision a sewing room with functional decor. 

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