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Thursday, February 26, 2015

34 Pond Ideas and Inspirations

When Liz contacted me from Hometalk and asked if I would curate a board based on my backyard pond, I jumped at the opportunity. 

It's been such a long, cold winter and I can't wait to get outdoors in the Spring to work on my pond. Right now is a great time to look through Hometalk ideas to prepare for the fun summer months. 

I created this water feature and have changed it a few times since I originally built it. It's 10 feet wide at the front and narrows to the falls in the back. It's one foot deep around the edges and deepens to 2 feet in the center. I like the triangular shape of it and made it to join the patio. 

Here is the first year I completed it... or so I thought it was finished.

Most will tell you after constructing a water feature, they will change it until they are satisfied. Guilty of that, I am! 

(I am having trouble finding photos for a full view. I lost many on a broken laptop so you must look behind me here.) I had some super nice ones, even a blue heron visiting and eating my fish!

After redoing it, I decided to remove the plastic waterfalls... 

and make concrete and stone falls instead.

It's a very enjoyable back yard feature. Adding fish and watching nature surround it always captivates me. 

I'm currently considering a splash water pond in another area of the back yard. While doing so, I'm searching for ideas and compiled some on Hometalk. There is so much inspiration, that I'm tempted to do a few of them. The reality is I'll do only one more. So I'll choose my favorite parts and combine them to make my own.

Love this swimming pond! So reading through the post will aid my plans. 

The falls from this feature is beautifully done. A must do! 

Imagine combining both of those? Yes; that's what I'm thinking! 

My new pond ideas are coming from those posted at Hometalk. It's the largest social network geared specifically to home and garden topics - a great resource when you're searching for inspiration or seeking answers on how to tackle a project around your home. I have learned SO MUCH while searching the site for tips and tricks. 

If you're considering a water feature project, take a peek at my compiled board of inspiration (here). It's quite enticing with 34 wonderful projects! 

Hope you enjoy the views and let me know if you are doing one... or two! 


  1. Kim Exquisitely UnremarkableFebruary 26, 2015 at 8:07 AM

    We have a tiny pond, but my husband has always wanted to turn our pool into a swimming pond. I'm not sure I want to swim with fish. That's what the beach is for! Off to Hometalk to check out your cool board!

  2. Ha ha! I remember swimming with fish at ponds and lakes as kids. They nibbled at our toes, and no, I don't think we will be having that kind of pond here either. The small one we have will be for the natural habitat. The new one I'm planning will be concrete, stone and definitely chlorinated. It's a huge project that will take a lot of planning and work. My son and our neighborhood kids outgrew all of the kiddie pools and we thought a splash water area would be rated kid cool! Thanks for the visits, Kim! Always happy to see you!

  3. Marie@The Interior FrugalistaFebruary 26, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    I've been wanting a pond in our yard for decades. Following your board for inspiration...ahem...to show Mr. Frugalista and beg.

  4. Oh, twist his arm, Marie! I bet he will enjoy it just as much as you once it's up and going. It's such a relaxing feature. Good luck, I hoping he gives it a go!

  5. I'd love those large natural swimming pools. I dream of them too, Chris! They are beautiful!