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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friday Five: Fabulous Furniture Features No. 17

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This week is all about repurposing/upcycling into furniture.  I'm featuring five that caught my eye this week. 

Enjoy my favorites!

Repurposed Twin Headboard & Footboard Turned Beautiful Bench

by Lori at 


This twin size headboard and footboard became a beautiful repurpose. The two tone multilayered paint is stunning. I couldn't blame Lori for wanting to hand paint a welcome note on the backrest. This bench is inviting. You can see her post at Color it Simple

Yardstick Buffet Tutorial

by Laura at 

Measures Up!

I love vintage yardsticks; more so when utilized into a lasting beautiful piece of furniture. Laura did a fantastic job saving these aged perfectly beauties onto her buffet. This and more to be seen is posted at Corner House

Repurposed from a Horse Carriage

by Grace at


This carriage bench takes my breath away. Simple. Natural. Stunning. And more words to describe it than I have room for here. I just want it. Grace posted this work at Poetic Home along with many more of her projects. 
You're welcome. 

Recycled water trough

by Wyatt, son, of the blogging family at


I have never thought of a water trough as a piece of furniture. It took a boy to make this for 4H to bring such an idea to us. What a fantastic job he did! Rustic. Farmhouse must have. Or not. I don't have a farmhouse and would love to have this as a storage table! You can see Wyatt's before and after posted by his mother at Irishman Acres. She is trying to decide where to put it because it looked great anywhere! 

Vanity {Trash to Treasure Rescue}

by Rachel at 


This beautiful bathroom vanity was a general store ice box. Yes it was! In deplorable condition, Rachel turned it into this gorgeous fixture! You would not believe what it looked like before at The Old Farmhouse on Windmill Hill. It's truly an amazing piece of work! 

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I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

If you pin your favorites, please be sure you do so from the creator's post, so they can appreciate you in return.  :) 


  1. I'm totally completely in love with that yardstick cabinet. I want one that has imperial, metric, decimal metric, ells, barras, and Alcega's own unique system. Conversions hurt my head and some of my projects require me to think in all of them.

  2. You have a splendid idea! The vintage yardsticks are simply beautiful but put in your perspective, how handy it would be! When I use conversion charts, they are tucked away. This would be a great idea at a glance. A beautiful glance!

  3. I so have got to make something with rulers!!

  4. The closest I came to actually doing it was to sticky tape a paper tape measure onto my cutting table. Not so beautiful. I'll keep aiming for the beautiful one.

  5. Aren't they fabulous!?! I love repurposed rulers (and maps!)

  6. Thank you for the feature, Robin! You just made my day (or week, really! :) ) The other features are pretty awesome. That trough table is so unique. I love it!

  7. It is an unbelievable vanity, Rachel. Your journey to utilize an old ice box is truly unique. Quite stunning and deserves to be shared over and over. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your creation on your wonderful blog. Every time I look at it, I wish I had such an opportunity of the find and your idea. Great job!

  8. Robin, thanks so much for the feature!! I still get amazed how much that one post gets noticed! I miss blogging and hope to get back at it soon, maybe with an update on how we've used this water trough trunk! ~Kim

  9. I'd love to see your update, Kim! It was my pleasure to share the water trough. It's a unique trunk with a lovely rustic appeal. Congratulations to your son for being so creative!