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Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Big Fat Rollers

Get ready to laugh. You are either going to call this little fixer upper project genius or just plain funny.

I like to roll my hair in huge rollers to tame my crazy wavy curls. But those big velcro rollers aren't kind to the stands of hair. They make frizzy strayed areas sometimes which defeats the purpose of smooth hair without heat. So I'm always searching for another set of big fat rollers.

My mom found those foam rollers with clips in the largest size she could find, but they gave me super curly hair. They are comfortable to wear. But if only they could come in the huge 3 or 4 inch width to make smooth hair.

Funny as it may seem, but those pool noodles remind me of those foam rollers.

Maybe it was the pink.

It was just a thought, but why not try it??? So this constantly repurposed pool noodle out there was going on my head.

(Roll on floor laughing!!! Not the noodle... me!)

So using a velcro hair roller to guide as length, I cut the noodle with a knife on the cutting board.
Super easy, no effort at all.

Then I gathered a few old white... er, gray... yah, gray after 1000 washes... washcloths from the get-ready-for-wood-working and staining rag bag...

and cut them into strips to slip through the ... "used to be a pool noodle now hair roller"

long enough to tie

for about 22 rollers! Hahahaha! I'm dying here!!

Then I tried them.

What a selfie!!!

I couldn't selfie this, but my wonderful son took this photo to get the back of my hair. This isn't combed through, it's just released from the tied on rollers.

These rollers worked!!! Loose smooth waves!!! No heat, and it was a very comfortable set.

It lasted right up to bed time...
bad mirror selfie, but this shows the end of the day hair results.
I know, I need more practice.

No, I am not turning into a beauty blog. I'm no beauty, nor have any great tips but I like this repurpose idea!

Maybe this can help others with long uncontrollable curls searching for big fat rollers.

It beats soup cans!

Those pool noodles are handy for so many repurpose ideas... pipe insulators, trampoline spring protectors, toddler furniture protectors... my hair, and more!

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  1. Ha! I love it!! DIY for your hair....and it works! I just wrote a post about redecorating myself. We must be on the same wavelength this week!