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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Truck Headboard with Lights

It was time to turn boring wood furniture into something more fun and masculine for my tween. Everything in the room got a makeover. Including this twin headboard for his queen sized bed. (I know; it's not right.) With a small 9'x 11' bedroom and a much needed window in the way, the twin sized headboard fits best. You'll see why when you see the room reveal. 

Anyway, this little wooden headboard doesn't need to look so nursery room anymore; right? 

With a plan in mind, while reversing some bead-board paneling,  and cut to fit inside the frame, I screwed it on.

Primitive, I know, but you'll see it will be painted.

Painting with primer and paint in one, in an off white, gave me a blank canvas.

That "hard-to-draw-on-canvas" showed my "rough" sketch of an old 50's truck grill well enough to paint.
(Don't pay much attention to the sloppiness. It was just a sketching to place where I had to paint and what.)

Not really a pop artist, I attempted some color. Kind of poster looking, but it serves the purpose.

Then, I painted the frame in Country Chic Paint in Liquorice as with the rest of the furniture. 

Now, on to the plan. (big smile)
These battery operated lights are perfect for headlights on the truck.

So I taped off the light shield and painted them in chrome.

Then attached them where the headlights are on the front of the truck. See where I was going?

Oh, and for more fun, this cute little motorcycle license plate was a junk yard find. It fit perfectly so I attached it with sheet metal screws. Then it was off for mounting onto the wall.

Now, of course I had to add a little gallery above the headboard. The repurposed sewing machine lid and some license plates pulled the theme together. 

The lights are hand push for on and off with auto shut off. 
Perfect night light setting. 

As I suspected, my son man came home from school ecstatic. What the what???? "Mom, this isn't cool... it's AWESOME!" 

As long as he is happy, I'm happy.

Hmmm, you know what? I think painting garage doors with this idea would be cool. Well, without the nightlights... just the vehicles... looking like they are in the garage. That's one way to have a Ferrari ~  (wink!)


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