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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Let's Play Ball Puppy

My dog lover spotted this puppy and asked "Can I keep him, Mom?"

As a new part of his dog collection I warned him, "Ok, but you have to dust him."

He agreed and we brought this butterfly curious creature home.

The butterfly is metal. Cute, but not what I consider a good choice for the boy bedroom makeover.

So I took the insect off. Drilled a hole through the piece to replace the butterfly with a scuffed up baseball. Then, I used a 2" wood screw to attach the ball.

The ball was secured tightly.

And now, THIS is what I call a perfectly appropriate piece of decor for the room.

It's large enough to be used as a door stop. And it looks great!

Sometimes you just need to make things work. This is one of those sometimes. :)

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  1. i would love to take a trip inside your brain for a day, never in a million years would i think to do this awesome xx