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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Salvaged Cornice Brackets

My mom had these old brackets in her stash and when she learned that I love them, she gave them to me.  I honestly didn't know what to do with them and didn't want them just stuffed somewhere. Nor did I have a designated place for them in the house. 

That was until I looked at my boring archway between the kitchen and the dining room. HA! 

Layers of cracked paint were flecking off. Without removing all of the paint, I just scraped off and lightly sanded them to leave the aged characteristics of them. 

This little washer was a great help getting into the rounded areas. 

When most of the loose stuff was removed. I was ready to hang them.

I added picture hanging brackets to the backs for easy hooking.

Using nails to hang them up, I was so excited to get great use of these awesome old architectural pieces! 

I'm thinking... I can make similar brackets to do the same thing between the dining room and the living-room because we have a huge archway there as well.

What would you do with old cornice brackets? I'd love them outside the house too, but we don't have the frame work for them anywhere. (yet, anyway)


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