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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hydrangeas & Daffodils: A Spring Wreath

Oh spring is coming soon (well, it's officially spring, just not here... yet)!

I love a pretty wreath hanging on the front door in the spring as much as I do at Christmastime. Spring is my favorite season. All the new rebirth of leaves and flowers... it just makes me smile.

Speaking of Christmas, the evergreens wilted off this wired wreath frame so I thought I would recycle it for my new spring wreath.

I bought just a few bunches of silk flowers... yellow daffodils and green hydrangeas.

I cut the flowers leaving a few inches of stem and attached them to the wire frame with green floral tape.

Annnnd about two hours later... I had a full hydrangea wreath.

I kept the leaves to glue onto the back of the wire frame.

Using hot glue, I attached the leaves onto the frame to extend from the outside and inside of the flowers. Kind of framing the frame. :)
This part went really fast... about 15 minutes.

And got this result! 

Pretty, huh?

Then I used just the top of the daffodils to place into the wreath for a spring theme. 
Giving it a quick test on the inside of the door, I found it fit and looked just right. 

So here we are,  outside the door to see how it hangs...
Not bad for $12...

And the back side of the wreath from indoors looks better with the leaves glued this way. 

I looooove hydrangeas. Especially when they are still green. 

We still have snow melting here and it's not green and pretty,  but at least the door will look like spring for Easter this weekend!



  1. Your wreath is beautiful. You make it look so easy!

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous!! I found you via Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop - and I'm so glad I did!!

  3. Pam@over50feeling40April 2, 2015 at 10:29 AM

    Really pretty and you did such a great job! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. robin wow this is so pretty and springy love it thanks for sharing xx

  5. Leanne | The Transplanted SoutApril 2, 2015 at 8:10 PM

    So very spring-y! I love wreath making, and hydrangeas! I'm going to have to pin this idea! Glad I saw your post on the Momma Told Me link up!

  6. Thanks so much, Ann!
    It really is easy, but it is a patient project. Taping the flowers took so long for me. I'm sure others can do it faster and easier. The leaves, though, are very easy with the hot glue. I hope you get to try it yourself.
    So happy you stopped in and like it. :)

  7. You made my day, Robin! Thank you so very much!!!

  8. You are such a sweet hostess! Thank you, Pam!

  9. It's so much better looking than my old bought one I tried to fix up last spring. I'm so glad you like it, Chris!
    A repurpose for the old one should be in the works. Not sure what yet.
    Wish we were neighbors... we'd make a great sisters. oxo

  10. I'm not very good at wreaths. But just had to have a hydrangea one because I love them when I see them. Do you make them, Leanne? Gotta check you out! Thank you so much for stopping; I'll return the visit! ox

  11. Marie@The Interior FrugalistaApril 2, 2015 at 8:31 PM

    Love it Robin! I'm drawn to pretty green hydrangeas too and bought a handful the other week. They look so pretty on a wreath and I really like the pop of yellow daffodils you added too.

  12. Aren't they prettiest? Mine turn blue in the summer, which I adore equally, but there is something beautiful about the green blooms.
    So tickled you stopped. I need to check in with you to see you and your grandson's updates. You're so talented and blessed with a new family member!

  13. Popping over from Funtastic Friday =) That is absolutely beautiful Robin! I think I need to make one. You rock!

  14. Theresa @ Shoestring EleganceApril 3, 2015 at 10:20 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous Wreath, Robin!! I love it! As someone who makes wreaths too, I don't think I could have made one as nice as yours. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at What to do Weekends!! Pinned!

  15. Very pretty spring wreath... so cheery. :)

  16. Truly a beautiful wreath, love the hyrangeas and the daffodils, not a combo I think I have every seen, but lovely.
    and looks beyond beautiful on your beautiful door! Happy Easter, Nellie

  17. Stopping by from the Home Matters Linky party! What a GORGEOUS wreath and such a great springtime addition. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi there! Visiting from Happiness is Homemade. Very pretty wreath! I love that the back of your wreath is so neat and pretty too.

  19. Love the green & yellow color palette!

    Thanks for linking up this week:)


    Mila (Idea Box)

  20. Hydrangeas are beautiful. I love how they have an unending blooming bouquet in clumps on the bush. So glad you like the combination! Thank you! Happy Easter to you and yours, Nellie!

  21. Thank you for the kind visit, Sharlee!!! I'm so glad you joined us!

  22. Thank you for joining us and for the visit!! Glad you like the wreath too! :)

  23. Very pretty! I love the idea of adding the leaves to the back. Thank you for sharing on the Spring Craft Blog Hop.

  24. I love how lush it looks! It looks beautiful on your remodeled front porch. Thanks for sharing at The Creative Circle.

  25. I think hydrangeas are my favorite Spring flower and on this wreath they are gorgeous - so full and lush. Thank you for sharing your wonderful wreath with Share It One More Time. Cathy

  26. It helps make the wreath larger and fuller too... gotta love little hacks like that. :)
    Thank you so much for hosting and visiting, Beverly!

  27. It's the only spring look on the property right now. I can't wait for real blooms!
    Thank you so much for stopping by, Kathy!!

  28. I agree with you; they are like mini bushes of blooms. The perfect decorating flower for any occasion.
    Thank you for hosting and coming by, Cathy!

  29. So tastefully done! Love how your wreath turned out. I also love that you used everything instead of throwing the leaves out. It's beautiful!! ;)