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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Cloche Garden from a Repurposed Bottle

I've got another bottle upcycle to share!
The Dose of DIY group has put together a bunch of great ideas for you this month by using glass bottles/vases/mason jars.
I decided to make a Pottery Barn knock off using a gallon glass "jug" (bottle). 

glass dome
Pottery Barn

Using my bottle cutting apparatus, I scored the jug with the diamond blade. You can see the score line made all around the bottle where the arrows are displayed.

Then for a good cut, I used the temperature shock method. By boiling water in a large stock pot  and preparing a separate stock pot filled with ice cold water, I rolled the bottle into the hot water for about 1 - 2 minutes to heat it. Then, quickly rolled it in the ice cold water until it fell apart at the score line.

NOTE: I've tried this method many times and it's the best one, for me, to get a good straight cut without destroying the glass. If you plan to do this yourself, PLEASE wear safety glasses and rubber gloves. Of course, keep children and pets completely away from the entire project. Using extreme caution will avoid any accidents. Cutting bottles and jars will have dramatic popping and cracking that is very unpredictable.

After cutting, sanding the edge with industrial diamond coated sandpaper and water smoothes the sharp edge. 

Then I used an old "Thermos Bottle" cork to use in the top of the bottle for a good fit. 

Now, I could also make a wood base and serve cheese with it, but we're doing a Spring theme and I prefered to use my DIY cloche with a garden. I gathered small plants, an old cake tin, stones, and moss.

Using the cake tin as the planting container, I layered and surrounded the soil and plants with stones.

After arranging the miniature garden, I topped it with moss and covered it with the glass.

See that! A terrarium that was inspired by Pottery Barn is born!

I'm sure once the plants grow too large, they will need to be repotted. But this will be a great plant starter.

Now that the project was finished, I snagged an old planter saucer from the garden shed to put the whole thing into. It got all fancy shmancy antique looking.

Not bad for a free...

...Pottery Barn knock off, ey? I used what I had around the house.

UPDATE April 15, 2016

I went to the thrift shop and hit up the 99-cent sale! I found 5 round wooden cheese boards and one of them fit perfectly! Now I need to cut another bottle for the cheese board.
Now that you've seen what I created with this month's theme, let's check out the other ideas from the rest of the group!

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