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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pier 1 Wicker and Rattan Chair Makeover

So I have this Pier 1 Imports wicker and rattan chair. It's huge! It's actually comfortable too. But ...

I could say, a big wild bear came down from the Adirondacks and attacked it. There weren't any more blueberries on the hilltops and it was soooo hungry... it smelled the remnants of a cheeseburger on the arms of the chair! Ravenging from starvation, it literally tore the wicker strips apart for every crumb!

But I won't say that. It's actually evidence of neglect.
Weather and wear.
Now that wicker and rattan have come back strong, it's a good time to bring this throne back to life. Because of the damage... maybe a whole new look for this big boy? I'll cover up the ruins because I don't wicker anything. I lack that knowledge.

So, I was planning on Western or Adirondack style. They are so similar, I can get away with either title.

First, to rid of loose paint.
I pressure washed all of it off.  Then hand sanded the wicker and rattan to smooth off any rough areas. Leaving some remnants of the original paint, that didn't come off easily (for distressing purposes...) it would have some dark areas while I freshly stained the others.

The fresh stain brought warmth to the chair. It was originally a solid dark brown paint. (Notice my attempt to do a half and half  "done and not done" photo? I always wanted to try that!)

Anyway. After the stain dried, the chair was ready for it's makeover. I had previously cut down all of the gnarled wicker that looked attacked by a bear. I decided to upholster the arms with repurposed leather. A vintage, soft,  and very distressed leather jacket. I cut off the arms of the jacket to use. (An arm for an arm! Sounds pretty "Even-Steven" to me!)

I stapled foam padding onto the front and over the arms. Securing the upholstery into the rattan frame under the wicker weaving. Then stapled on the leather. After cutting off the excess, I used a few leather belts to finish trimming with upholstery nails. (Tack nails; is what I call them.)

Check out those belts. They're not just for people, ya know!

I thought that weaved belt in the front of the arms was  quite fitting. 

Then, of course, the chair needed a cushion for design purposes and a wee bit of comfort. Using leftover fabric from another chair redo, I covered the original cushion we had.

It goes well with the chair and that red-stained leather belt accenting the sides. 

So now I'm wondering if that whole western thing was a good title for the chair. It looks very vintage Adirondack. I think I should have used the deer antlers for the photos.

I guess it will be a matter of personal opinion.

I do know it  looks much better than the state it was in.

It sure is rustic.

It looks like it belongs in a camp up north.
Ha! Where there are plenty of bears! 

From painted to stained,
It's refreshed!

Speaking of refreshed! I've joined in with a group of DIY Furniture Refreshing Gals and it's so exciting to see what each of us are making over this month!

Top to bottom: Michele Shelstring Blog | Maria amotherworld | Michelle Our Crafty Mom  |and "Moi"!

Be sure to stop over and check out the renewed furniture by all of these talented ladies! These "before" photos has me all giddy to see the "after"! 
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