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Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Five: Fabulous Furniture Features 18 and Link Up

It's baaaack! My favorite series...

Welcome to the NEW 
Friday Five: Fabulous Furniture Features 

This series has treated me well. I previously chose gorgeous furniture makeovers to share every week. And week 17 went viral. Many weeks were viewed thousands of times, so obviously I'm not the only furniture redo lover around, am I!?! It seems I have the knack to re-share some amazing hard work of others. My problem is I'm a lover of this trade and I take too long staring at the screen while surfing around at what I'm addicted to. The furniture eye candy devoured my time. 

Things have changed... just a bit... because from now on... you're invited to link up! Help me to help you. 

Share your own work that is painted, restored, repurposed... even built! 

Company sponsored, Facebook/Etsy/etc. shops, contest pieces, older blog project posts up to new ones are all welcome to link up.

Main rule: Must be furniture. 
Second rule: It's your own work to share. 
Third rule: Have fun.

Every Friday there will be five fabulous furniture features, as there were before in the series. But there is more. The featured contributors will be invited to continue to share all of their furniture work on the Pinterest Board: "Furniture Before and After". There were 200 new board followers just this week! That's because your furniture eye candy is inspiring.

Ready for my favorite five for this week? It wasn't easy to choose.

I shared chairs before and promised more. We love them. They are like shoes... we never stop adoring them do we?

So check out Marie's gorgeous pair of chairs. That entire room has had me nuts over the last couple of months. She deserves a magazine feature from window treatments right down to the ottoman. (The matching ottoman she did is amazing.)

You've got to see the before AND the finished backs of the chairs. Such attention to detail and I love the refreshing colors. Hop over at The Interior Frugalista and see what I'm talking about. Psst...You'll be able to peek around the blog at that beautiful room too!

Now look at what Gail did to this dressing table...
it's not a dressing table anymore.
Holy cannoli!!!

Gail at My Repurposed Life was my very first repurposing furniture flipper that I stalked... I mean... followed... when my blog was born. She took a pair of night stands and made a tall chest of drawers from them. I promised her I'd try it and I did. Proud of myself, I am, and ever so grateful to Gail. She is a brain sponge of repurposing ideas!

This amazing rebuild of a chest of drawers is just another one of her masterpieces. Is this redo genius or what?

How did she do that?!?! Run over and find out! She's awesome at teaching you how.

Now, who doesn't love a story with a piece of furniture? I'm a sucker for both. Karin named this beautiful blue dresser "Estherbelle". I'm known to do that with my chair makeovers.  Her's however was a great story!

I'm not going to give any spoiler alerts. You'll have to read it at Art is Beauty. I will say Karin had a blast! I loved her post and the dresser.

Wowzers. A lot of labor of love went into Larissa's sorry state of an antique. The veneer was a mess... actually so much of the entire piece was nothing but work. A lot of of it!
I felt her pain. Larissa is not a stranger to being featured around here. You can see why.

You won't believe what it was before. AND her tricks and tips. Hint without spoiling: missing appliques. I'm still smiling over how clever she was. (wink!) Check out the tutorial at her blog: Prodigal Pieces. You're going to love her as much as I do.

Mary at Orphans With Make Up always reels me in with her work. I love her "Liquorice" pieces most. I would award "thee" with a blue ribbon to her and her alone for mastering that color.

She knows how to perfectly distress it too.  This baby is just one of her many trademark beauties. Not that she doesn't shy from other colors... she is a fabulous furniture artist. Go ahead and check them all out. You'll thank me. 

Well, lovely ladies... I hope you'll share your features with your feature button.

You don't make my favorites easy. I'm just glad that I have the freedom of choosing five. If it was one, I'd be doomed.

To our wonderful visitors: 
Thank you so much for visiting this amazing world of furniture revival! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And, if you pin your favorites, please pin from the creator's original post so they can appreciate you in return. 

Now... if you can make my life easy by linking up instead of me surfing until 4 a.m. and rising at 5 a.m.,  I'd really appreciate it! Sleeping is better than napping at my age.

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