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Saturday, September 5, 2015

French Country Kitchen Plate

I picked up this clear plate at a thrift shop just to decoupage a print onto it. Glass is fun to decoupage because it's super easy to do.

The key to a good decoupage is to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge or decoupage solution.

What's great about using glass is, it's easy to see where the print can be centered. You get a visual before placing the brushed plate onto the print.

But you need to be quick about it. Applying a thin coat of the solution means it will dry fast.

Once the print is affixed to the plate. Rub out any creases. Then apply a coat of the solution over the paper on the back of the plate. It will need more rubbing to remove bubbles, etc.

Once it's dried, trim off excess paper around the edge of the plate with a razor blade or exacto knife.

This clear glass decoupage project can work with any print you want. Including photos...

I liked this print for the kitchen.

You can use magazine pages, newspapers, gift wrap, tissue paper... any print or pattern to create your art piece.

This method of decoupage on glass is great for preserving something you really like. Maybe do this with a special announcement card? A favorite recipe? Wedding photo? Favorite place you've visited? Maybe make this as a gift to preserve something for the recipient. So many options!

It can be a permanent photo frame.
The best part is that it's so easy.
And quick!


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