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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rustic Night Stand - A Furniture Flip

This month at the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest, it's all about "Geometric Design".

This extremely straight-lined night stand was perfect to work with. Very plain and boring. It's a handmade plywood constructed piece. So it's very heavy and sturdy. My  mom gave it to me from her "garage sales stash".

Although it wasn't damaged, it had dinged up paint and years of accumulated dirty dust from storage. Certainly needed a makeover.

I chose a square wooden knob to change out the drawer pull.
Very geometric.

Then cleaned and sanded the entire night stand for painting and staining.

I made patterns from lightweight junk cardboard; cutting all of my geometric shapes from scrap wood.

I made plenty of angles and lines to add into the theme.

As the design layout started, it reminded me of my grandfather's handiwork... decades ago... called "tramp art" furniture.

I had a night stand that he made and it was completely covered in layered wood that was cut geometrically and glued together in stacks. (I loved that stand and don't remember what had became of it during my teen years.)

This stand was getting the rustic look, so I snagged a cutting board from the kitchen to use as the top. I sanded it down to get rid of most of the cut marks then rubbed in stain.

After playing with the shapes until I was satisfied with the final decision, I painted the night stand with water based Milk Paint  mixed with some plaster of paris. Then attached the cutting board by screwing it from underneath the top.

I stained the inside of the drawer and each of the geometrical shapes for contrast. 
After they dried, glued them onto the front of the night stand. 

 Then stenciled tribal triangles on the sides of the drawer.

After centering and gluing the wide diamond shape on the front of the drawer, I drilled a new hole for the freshly painted square knob. 

Finally, added a couple of stained chevron weaved baskets for the shelves.

Love the color combo.

The different stain colors gives off a great contrast and interest.

The geometric shapes make the piece a very rustic "arts and crafts" style. Quite Adirondack feeling.
Similar to my grandfather's "tramp art".

As I mentioned earlier, I'm entering this makeover in the September 2015 Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest.
Each month the group of creative bloggers compete in this fun furniture makeover contest by incorporating a monthly assigned theme with sponsored products. This month the theme is "Geometric Design" sponsored by General Finishes. The winner gets a full case of General Finishes in quarts or pints.

It's a complete line of paints, stains, waxes and top coat finishes company. 

The September contest was launched by our two hosts: 

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