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Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Indian Corn Door Decor

Ten days ago I bought 3 ears of Indian corn and 3 potted mums. 
Just preparing for fall. 

The only thing I've done with them is tie the corn together with twine and used them for a prop for a piece of furniture photo shoot. But I did place the mums at the front entrance. Watering daily.

My tradition for a full cold fall day is staying in the kitchen making a Virginia ham dinner with scalloped potatoes. It hasn't happened yet.

And nobody is complaining. We are fully enjoying an Indian Summer here. It's been gorgeous summer days and fall nights. In fact, I'm working up sweaty days rearranging rooms: Workshop. Office. Furniture Storage. And preparing for bathrooms to be put in. Hauling out, organizing, planning, and preparing a yard sale.

In the meantime, that corn. 
I needed to do something with them before the husks dried. 
After arranging them in a basket to go with the mums, I realized I was setting up a feast for the chipmunks.

I had to thrift for something to turn the corn into door decor. The corn itself is nice... but it needed something... color. Fall color. The thrift shop always has baskets of all sorts. So I scored this fruit tray. Then I snagged some burnt orange silk flowers I felt I was done with off the patio.

The fruit tray was plain. So I stained it to blend with the corn.
Who says stain is not a color? See how "Fall" looking it is now?

After the stain dried I hot glued the corn onto the tray. Leaving enough room of the twine for hanging the decor when finished.

I thought it was good enough with just the wicker tray. But decided some orange will be better for curb appeal. With the mighty hot glue gun, those flowers were on in minutes. Applying them just around the exposed edges of the tray was enough.

Even if I didn't like it, I could peel off the flowers.

But I like the splash of color!

It will go with the mums when they fully bloom.

The overall decor is simple. 
Yet effective.
I thought of garland full of leaves and acorns around the door... but that is overkill.

I'll stay with simple and easy on the eyes.
But it does scream for pumpkins. I think two is enough.
Okay... six. Three on each side. The rule to design is odd numbers and maybe a little symmetrical. Medium to small ones. That's all.
It's too early for Halloween, so I can get away with that!

Super easy and cheap.
Looks good.
It's just right.

According to the forecast, the ham dinner is coming up soon.


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