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Monday, October 19, 2015

Fan Repurposed into Industrial Mail Holder

I had this fan.

A cute little "save-my-life-during-the-night-sweats-bedside" kind of fan.
It lasted only a couple of years until the motor burned out. Now trash.

When it squealed, we thought maybe dust? It was clean. Maybe oil? So we oiled it up. It lasted one more night. The squealing started again and it smelled like it would be trouble. I had a floor model that behaved similar and it blew up with sparks in front of me. So, we weren't taking chances with this one.

Goodbye favorite fan.

I loved that fan.
It tilted.
It was a cute little bugger.
I hated to toss it out.
So I wondered what to do with its remains.

I know if you "google" repurposed fans,  you will find everybody turns them into lamps. We didn't need any lamps.

But what I did see in that fan frame was a mail holder.
Mail holders are not outdated because some of us still believe in paying bills the old fashioned way. After having been PayPal hacked, I vowed to never do anything financial over the internet again.
So we have mail. Lots of mail.

On with the plan, I took the entire fan apart.

After deciding on the design, I had to cut the front of the frame in half. So I penciled in my cut marks.

Using a metal blade on my cutting tool, I cut all obstacles.

Then replaced the "half" to be used onto the back of the fan frame.

Then it called for some spray paint to change the color.

And there it was. 
Exactly as I envisioned. 

The ultimate... "here I am" and "can't get lost" mail holder. 

It's kind of a basket... but it's a functional repurpose. 

 It's large enough to hold a whole week of mail.

I think I love it.

A piece of junk turned into a mail holder. Bills, junk mail, whatever... it's suits us just fine.

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