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Friday, October 23, 2015

Pinbellish Pinning Celebration 8

Welcome to Pinbellish!

A Pinning Celebration

Take a look at my favorites from last week! 

by Mary Beth's Place 

by Purple Hues and Me 

by Wonderful Creations

by Scrapality

by Art is Beauty

Halloween has come to Pinbellish!

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What will you find at Pinbellish?

New things to embellish your Pinterest boards.

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We'll entertain you with weekly Pin Trivia.

Are you in? Then let's get to it!

Penannular brooches

Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you a series on pennanular pins throughout history.
The British Museum alone has over 418 Penannular brooches in it's collection. This circular style pin has proved the test of time and extant examples can be found from Roman times through to today. It was very popular with the Picts, Vikings, Saxons and was repopularised in the 19thC Celtic revival period. Over the next few weeks we will explore various types of pennanular pins, their history and origins.

Link-up rules & Guidelines

  1. Link to your pinterest pin (not your blog, only links to pins get featured)
  2. Add up to 7 pins old or new (one for each day of the week!)
  3. Repin 2 pins for every link you add
  4. Follow your hosts on your favourite social media platform

Meet & Follow Your Hosts

Sarah J of  Sarah Celebrates 
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Gina of  Gina's Craft Corner
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Allie of  Crafty Allie
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Stella Lee of  Purfylle 
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